Monday, March 26, 2012

ugh. monday

This weekend I was blessed with a really fun bachelorette party and a sweet little thee year old's birthday party... and all that abused brain energy that goes with this monday morning I have purchased myself a ticket on the struggle bus.

Here are a few things from around the interweb because I'm too tired to be original. All Aboard...

I'm not a Mad Men fan but with everyone all crazy, I might have to get to watching. People have even started DRAPING (which is like planking but you pose as Don Draper instead)

I've mentioned my love for the site Letters of Note before but I just had to highlight one that showed up this weekend. Its a short little note from Dana Reeves to her husband Christopher on their anniversary (and four months after his paralyzing accident). Its so sweet and so powerful.

I can hardly express my adoration for 30 Rock enough. Single New York gal, Liz Lemon is the polar opposite of Carrie Bradshaw and I love her. And I love food. And she loves food.

If you haven't already spent time mocking the humblebrag - its a great couple minutes of guilty pleasure (as a bonus, I can mentally take notes to NEVER say anything like it.... even though I have so many reason share how awesome I am)

Am I the only one that still feels like the 90s were ten years ago? At least I'm not the only one that thinks the peak of entertainment happened somewhere in the middle of them.

Have you ever heard of a yurt? Ever since I've seen them, I'm dying to stay in one.

I'm fascinated by this United States of Beer Map that outlines which beer is most fittingly indigenous to each of the 50 states. (note: I found it through this fun little blog) And I'm not at all surprised that our beloved PA is Yuengling or that West Virginia is Natural Light. I loved all the Abita we had in New Orleans and I couldn't agree more with Illinois or Colorado or Delaware. The rest I look forward to sampling some day.

And this is a race my friend Katy brought to my attention - the color run - I'm trying to decide if it would be brilliant or incredibly stupid to run in my wedding dress.

Hope you are faring well today (at least better than I am) - just think, it's almost tuesday and tuesday is a whole week away from monday!


  1. Run in your wedding dress IF you plan to have a legit photographer on hand to capture the glory.

  2. I read Letters of Note all the time thanks to your link -- that particular one from Dana Reeves is just beautiful :)

    Hope you feel better! MONDAYS...

  3. I DVR'd Mad Men on Sunday. Gonna give it a shot. Have never been able to get into the show. I've tried. It should be easier because that whole era was my dad -- only in banking, not advertising. But it's just like everything I remember about visiting him at his office when I was a kid. Plus, the martinis.

    Love the beer map, but Wisconsin got ripped off. Miller? Really? Just because it's the biggest. Leinenkugel (the Leinie) is the quintessential Wisconsin beer.

    Hope the haze of Monday burns off...

  4. I agree that Mad Men feels like a bit of a chore to get into. But after laboring through the first 4 episodes on Netflix, I was hooked and couldn't watch the rest of the available seasons fast enough. Admittedly, it has little to no redeeming qualities and just when you think one of the characters has turned the corner, they just let you down again with their depravity. But then again, I really like Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy too, and they fit that same profile. :)

    In closing, I have just a few words for you - YURT WEEKEND 2012!!!!