Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dear Sam Adams

not you, former mister president

you... respectable brewing company. I'm writing to you.

I just wanted to thank you for some things. Namely your Octoberfest and Winter Lager (in that order).

I had some hesitancy about the light Alpine Spring but I tried it and you know what... a tip of the felted colonial cap to you there as well. Now, I will continue to enjoy Sam Adams through all the seasons.

And I appreciate that you've come out with a Boston Marathon beer to show support of the runners. Your 26.2 Brew is intriguing to say the least.

Mostly my gratitude befalls your advertising department. Thank you for not forcing upon us a sexy Sam Adams... that would be funny but scarring. You have commercials that just show your beer, your brewery, and sometimes normal people taking sips of your beer. Well done. Because you make good beer you don't need to do anything else, I'm sold.

I couldn't find those classy commercials but here is a fine employe of yours, 
making me want to send you my resume 
(seriously, are you hiring?)

Its my sincere hope you continue to surprise me with seasonal delights and quality advertising. I never want to see you stoop to the level of your competitors - selling beer by suggesting that men stop acting like women (and 'man up'? how shameful), or that women always be nagging, or that women sensibly keep on pulling beer from ice water in skimpy clothes... And there's the other side, where beer drinking men are shown to be unromantic and  insensitive and stupid. (Sam, you wouldn't stoop to that... you know men are good people)

So here's a toast to you Samuel Adams (not the president) - when given the choice and some discretionary income, I will pick you!  **note: I'll still have some of that other cheap stuff at tailgates, camp outs, etc, because I don't mind terrible beer and I really don't mind free beer, and I don't have your scruples.

a non-venting, fully clothed, lets-my-husband-watch-football, occasionally has a beer kind of lady.


  1. It's beer as the Founding Fathers intended.

  2. I agree. Decent commercials. And whether the science is legit or not, I am a sucker for their "proprietary glass". It just feels right when you drink from it.

  3. agreed tom -'libations and justice for all"!

    and tim, as you well know, the glass (or erlenmeyer flask) you drink from really does matter

    1. Looking back, that flask may have been previously used to cook meth. Either that or National Bohemian isn't the esoteric craft brew that I believe it to be. Or possibly both.