Friday, March 9, 2012


I know what you're thinking. I can't wait for selection sunday either.

So here are some brackets you can fill out in the meantime. (watch out for the 5/12 upset)

Scott Van Pelt's show has done an MC's bracket. Before you get upset too, I'm aware. My cousin and I have already discussed it and the seedings are all wrong (Tribe has to go against Jay and Run in the East Coast bracket? not okay.), There's no Fugees. No Roots. No Missy Elliot. No Lil Kim... seriously NO ROOTS? But it's still fun to play, especially if you can't wait for selection sunday.

Grantland has taken characters from The Wire and worked out a way to find out who is the best with Smacketology. Its clear I'd pick Omar, but Bunk could be a dark horse. (Sgt Ellis Carver, you didn't even make the field but I always loved you man.)

And while the voting has concluded for these below - the science of bracketology has prevailed - giving us results in some of life's greatest questions:
~ Stankoff: the greatest Outkast song
~ Souper Bowl: the ultimate soup bracket
~ Hovafest: the best of Jay-Z 
~ Who won 2011
and the ever controversial
~ Condiment Bracket

If all of this still isn't enough to keep you at peace until Sunday night. You can create your own bracket here. I am working on one for my future career ideas, I'll be soliciting your votes soon enough.

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