Monday, March 5, 2012

Happy Birthday my Husband!

We decided in this calender year not to buy each other a single gift, so instead I will electronically display the things I think might put a smile on his face. (I went all out for you my dear, fake money was no object)

First, a card, because you listen to This American Life at work, then message me to do the same so we can talk about it later....

An icelandic bearded hat for the man who walks across bridges in the frigid winter, because its cheaper than parking in the city (you don't have to do that, you know. but if you insist - please be warm)...

We had the discussion about GPS watch vs. iphone because of the music capabilities. Problem solved. Since you're the kind of guy that will wake up before 5 am, just to go running - I got this watch. It has BOTH music and GPS and wireless headphones

Our buddy Fabio, from Top Chef, has a cookbook now! So of course I bought it. And I'm working on having him fly here to make us something fancy... maybe pea puree. (he's checking his work schedule, I"ll let you know.)

There's an episode of the Simpsons when it was Marge's birthday, so Homer got Marge a bowling ball with his name engraved on it? Well this is that kind of gift for me you. Because I love that you would block off whole evenings so we could watch together (despite the fact that you were working and going to grad school) and you didn't hesitate to hang an oil painting of Omar in our living room - I know I will you'll love this.

And this book for my curious, experimental husband that just can't wait to make more batches of home brew. You can do the heavy reading and just tell me the difference between making an amber and an ipa.

Then finally, because I love you so much, I decided to really splurge. This is for the guy that should have an all expense paid trip to that little corner of the world he's always wanted to visit. I booked us for one month.... nope two months. Just relax and enjoy the wonders of Greece!

Okay, maybe I've gone a bit overboard for your 28th. 
Maybe we'll just vacation for six weeks. 

Anyway, you deserve and this and then some! Happy Birthday Orbin! 

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