Friday, March 9, 2012

HAPPY WEEKEND! hope you feel wonder and awe

This weekend I get to spend time with my awesome nephew, who is almost 7 months old now. (How? How do they grow so fast ?!)

He is at the perfect age when you can actually see him discover the world around him - you can really watch it - he shows it all in his little expressions. (He would be terrible at poker).

Its so fun to see him drop the toy, get the toy, drop the toy... then look at you- amazed that he's learned gravity.

Then there's the wonders of having one bright plastic cup, then two bright plastic cups, then oh my lordy they nest inside each other! I love the pure shock on his face when the smaller one disappears.

Its just object permanence buddy, you'll get it soon.

I feel a sense of amazement watching him as he's watching the world with a sense of amazement.

I hope you get some of that confusing, awe inspiring, good stuff this weekend (and to top it off, I hope little leg fat, knee dimple action comes your way too)!

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