Thursday, March 15, 2012


If Tuesday's play-in games first round of the NCAA Tournament is any indicator of what is so hot right now - it's the COMEBACK!

That's why I'm listing for you some things that are coming back - they are all very important, and they are all coming back TODAY! (also why I'm going with the caps lock thing)

Technically, each of these things fall under the umbrella of the all important lyric "Don't call it a comeback, I've been here for years." because each has been well established, just on hiatus. But the wait is over friends, today is the day....

Tonight Sidney Crosby makes his debut yet again and I have such mixed emotions about it. As always I want to see him come back and do well. I want to see him heathy because in a way its hope for seeing myself healthy again. Its also thrilling because of what he did the last time he returned to the ice...

But I can't help watching every moment of his play time like a worried, over protective, mother. "Slow down. Be careful. Watch out! Are you resting? You look dizzy, you must feel dizzy. It sounds so loud in there!"

Just as I hope people are trusting that I do what's best for me, ultimately, I know Sidney is doing what is best for him. That being said... I really want to see him kick some ass!

This video. (And really no other explanation needed.)

After how extremely poorly I did in the conference brackets with Neil - coupled with a change up in medication (see: change in mood) - lets just say my ego was 'fragile'. I felt I could use a win. I need a measurable, tangible victory. Does that make sense?  And for the first time in my life, I was in no mood to have a collapsing tournament bracket. If any one has ever filled in one of those wonderful forms, you know the odds of 'winning' are not in your favor. This left me a little despondent (I know there are bigger problems in the world then not having the joy you normally have for basketball - but please refer back to my mood change and bear with me)

THEN the magic of the madness of march won out. Its thursday morning and with little prep and abandoned self-pity, I've put aside a need to feel good about picks and I pressed enter on my online selections. Neil even came up with the idea to do a combined bracket in one poll so I won't feel the loss alone (what a stud!)

And you know what, I feel good. I have my swagger back - and for at least a few hours, it will hold. (by then the games will be in  full swing, the sneakers squeaking, the nets swishing, I'll forget all my woes in this world)

not the UNI
Of all the things coming back today - I hope this trend will lay fallow. Sure, I want the cats to do well, but I hope all brows remain two separate entities.


  1. Oh, Community. I have missed you so. "Troy and Abed in the mooooorning!"

    1. I know absolutely every thinks this too, but Troy and Abed are the best thing about community.