Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hardcore Decor

I already mentioned yesterday how much we love The Wire... so when we saw an oil painting of Omar Little by our (very talented) friend Nick, our reaction was naturally super hyped. We were so enamored of the work, he ended up giving it to us. We felt guilty about this for a few minutes, then we took our picture and ran before he could change his mind!

by Nick McCormick

*note: if you're a fan of the wire and you disagree that Omar's the greatest, you can work that out here.

We hope to someday become home owners and to add to our art collection, but I found myself wondering - how do I add to Omar? THE stick up boy? What could possibly dare to hold wall space along with this painting?

Then I found the "The Magnificent Map of Rap Names." Its a scientific, categorical, and comprehensive breakdown of all rap groups and emcees. It's pretty impressive - enough to hold its own with our other bad ass pieces.

plus it looks very classy hanging over a couch.

It's oh so useful too. In case you were wondering which is the best group to ever use of  a "K" in place of a "C", now you can just reference the right hand side of the chart, under "Improper use of K" and find that Outkast just krushes the kompetition.

Aside from commissioning someone to make a bronze statue of Jamie Dixon in his famous squat and think position, I would say we're just about done here!

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