Friday, March 23, 2012

Facing Fears

The totally lame and unexciting thing that makes me ultra-nervous.... pedal bikes.

clearly, this one's nothing short of a monster

It never used to be that way, but since the accident, I freeze up and have a hard time on them. I think its partly because I have to use my balance. My brain also has to compute so many things that I do actually struggle a bit. But I think it's mostly because I am on a vehicle without walls again and I am freaked out.

I don't like having that looming over me. While I'm okay with how terrified I sometimes get in my imagination (don't, I repeat, DO NOT show me scary movies), I'm not okay with being scared of living my life.

So, logically my next step was to begin training for a sprint triathlon.

Yep. I'm even taking a bike from a pregnant lady to do it.

And to make things worse better, Neil will be with me, dealing with his own demons. He likes to refer to himself as a strictly land mammal. He is decidedly not looking forward to the swim part. What a team, right?

We're going to be at the Jersey Shore in June and we couldn't find any race we liked for our 50 races in 50 states - but there was a nice little sprint triathlon (400M swim, 15 mile bike, 2.8 mile run).

So now we face our fears (not of the Jersey Shore, it has some really nice parts, actually). The result will either be inspiring and and life affirming (like a montage from Rocky) or it will look decidedly more painful and awkward (like putting a cat in a bathtub)

Granted, we haven't actually signed up yet - we're feeling out the training part and 'testing the waters', to see 'if it has wheels' (get it?). This is your chance to tell us if we are down right crazy or if its time to get past those things that make us uncomfortable.

I'm curious, do you have anything you're afraid of? How have you dealt with it?
Have you ever done a triathlon? and do you have any tips for beginners?


  1. Yay! Do it! I'm so proud of you!!!

    1. Thanks, lovely! I may call on you to go with me for some white knuckled rides along that south side trail.

  2. Why am I picturing Snooky and The Situation lining up next to you guys?

    1. haha, I can totally see that too - they would show up thinking the 3 events are Gym Tan and Laundry

  3. Firstly - when will you be at the shore? Please tell me not the first week in June, because that's when we'll be in Deep Creek!

    Secondly - I'm with Neil. The swimming part of that race would freak me out the most. (Even though it's probably not the part I would do the worst in.) Seeing video of triathalons where the swimming portion is so full that it looks like a pot of boiling crabs looks like no fun. I mean, if you're running in a big crowd, you bump into people and/or move. In the water, I feel like your options are to go under water (and get kicked in the face) or... go under water (and get kicked in the face.) Yikes.

    But, that said, it sounds pretty cool! :)