Friday, March 23, 2012

HAPPY WEEKEND! hope you put the "U" in fun

Neil has an exceptional hidden talent: making a mixed CD

I must say, its a month later and I'm still enjoying my Valentine's Day gift. (In fact, I just now brought my self to take it out of rotation in the car and load it into my computer/ipod)

After making dozens of mixes for each other over the years, we began challenging ourselves by adding themes (a whole CD of 'Intros', songs from only this year, indie songs that sound like rock songs, etc)  With this one, he chose each song starting with a specific letter and each letter spelled out a message.


OKAY okay, enough about my stud of a husband (my single self from 2004 just instant messaged me to say she's making puking noises.) The point is not to flirt with Neil, the idea is that I will share a few songs with you to from my mix get you in a weekend kind of mood....

Here is the "V" that motivates me to warm up for a light jog

Here's a "U", because its fun and its already friday!

and we'll cool things down with the unplugged and ever epic "A"

hope your weekend is F-U-N!

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