Friday, March 2, 2012

HAPPY WEEKEND! hope you go in like a lion


Goodbye cold dredges of February, things were just not working out between us (it's not me. it's you.)

Hello warming weather, budding flowers, and basketball - so much basketball!

Here is a list of the things I'm looking forward to this month, stream of consciousness style:

Neil's Birthday
no presents, just cooking his favorite dinner and telling him he's the bees nees

Making this recipe 
its from Smitten Kitchen so it must be amazing. plus, I've never cooked with parsnips

Conference Basketball Tournaments 
followed by Selection Sunday 
followed by NCAA Tournament!! 
(This is the highlight of my year. I may go on hiatus from posting.
I may make 'yo mama' jokes about Duke. It may get ugly)

Shamrock Shake
a guilty pleasure I have once a year

Dog Sitting
this month I get to watch the best dog that ever was... twice!
get ready for me to become even more consumed by a desire for things I can't have
oh the sad life of apartment dwellers that long to be pet owners!

Seeing Mondo win Project Runway
Its a bold prediction, I know, but I'm banking on a win.
My faith in the fashion world depends on this.

I haven't 'given up' anything, but I've added some reading,
and some praying and some volunteering. 
So far I'm liking addition more than subtraction

Running this race 
Its on March 10th, a whole gang is going, and its not too late to sign up!

Reading the Hunger Games
 This will be our March book club book. 
Once again, I'm the last one to find out about and jump onto some trend, 
(but at least I know in advance that it will be good)

 St Patrick's Day! 
This year our church is spending the day as the Saint might well have done
- serving alongside the needy, then maybe having just one pint.

Are you looking forward to anything special in March?
(other than the fact that it's no longer February)

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  1. Celebrating our 6th anniversary next weekend! Flyers/Devils game in Newark (so maybe the Devils will actually play hockey instead of keep away) on Sunday night and then seeing Rock of Ages on Broadway on Monday night. Marriage is all about give and take. :)