Thursday, October 27, 2011


As October comes to an end, so do the Breast Cancer Awareness Advertisements. With a small window remaining to acceptably say words like 'breast' and 'female empowerment' - I'd like to take this opportunity to reflect on the ladies in our society (this goes just a bit beyond NFL accessories.)

I read two seemingly unrelated books this month, and found my self getting an education on a woman's role in history. The most refreshing aspect of these novels - they don't scream feminism and they don't lament inequalities. In reading their stories, I can see how they left a huge imprint on their time. And while it's not explicitly stated, I can hold their lives up as a mirror for our time to see how things are very little has changed. At the risk of this turning into a rant, I'll just say: I like the books because they simply tell the story of women who are far more complex than the labels society gave them. 

Because ultimately, none of us are completely the harlot...

 and none of us are entirely the saint

now go read. and get a mammogram.
Happy October!

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