Tuesday, March 5, 2013


My life has recently been full of any activities in which I can do somethings with my motor skills, but I have an unoccupied mind. So in the midst of cooking, packing, cleaning, and running - I'm happy to devote tons of time to podcasts. And I have to confess that the one I discovered just before surgery, has recently become an obsession:

Stuff You Should Know

This podcast is absolutely fascinating. It's funny and captivating and full of crazy facts. Actually, let me backtrack and explain it. Stuff You Should Know (SYSK, if you're feeling friendly) is a twice-weekly podcast that explores any topic in our universe. The hosts, Josh and Chuck, explain complex and odd things with surprising clarity and humor. Actually, let me just direct you to the website.

You can pick up any of the hundreds (actually over 500) of podcasts for free (free!!) on itunes. Or I just use the free podcast app on my phone.

Of course I'm drawn to "How Pizza Works", "How Beer Works", and "Coffee: The World's Drug of Choice" right off the bat.

But there are others that I didn't think would interest me, which have been so so good, like: "How Jet Lag Works", "How Meth Works", "How Daylight Savings Works", "How Cremation Works", "How McCarthyism Works", "What is Mountain Top Removal Mining", and "How Grow Houses Work", "

"How the Donner Party Worked" and "Why Ticks Suck" are both terrifying.

The one on hiccups is my favorite.

Lately, I find myself trying to divert conversation to accommodate my new knowledge. Its hard to work tips on outrunning an alligator into everyday discussions. Mostly I just want everyone to become as hooked on theses as I am and then we can get together and talk about flesh eating bacteria.

I should mention that SYSK is part of a larger program called "How Stuff Works" and within that there are many other informative podcast shows. The episodes from "Stuff You Should Have Learned in History Class" on Edgar Allen Poe and Van Gough are great.

Okay. that's my PSA. Do you already know and love SYSK? If so what are your favorites?

That's all. Now, I'm going to go back to learning about Saunas while I put picture frames into boxes.


  1. Replies
    1. I think you'll love it - it makes the time fly by on long runs! (I'd recommend "how beer works" first)!

  2. In looking this up I also found podcasts like "Stuff Jews Should Know," "Catholic Stuff You Should Know," "Stuff Mom Never Told You," and "Stuff They Don't Want You to Know."

    Not until today did I realize that there is so much I don't know.

    1. Tom, I think you'd love the McCarthyism one, and the one on Edgar Allen Poe's death

  3. Noted and logged for future consumption! :) I'm just getting into podcasts now believe it or not... And I'm supposed to be on top of this stuff with my work and all! :P

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