Friday, March 1, 2013

Big Announcement!

We've been keeping it somewhat of a secret but now it's officially official....we have a new addition to our family

ITS A...


Born: 1901
Size: 3 bedrooms
Weight: a lot

We did the very scary steps of signing our initials to the bottom of a quart of a million pages and we took a deep breath as our savings (which was built for this purpose) depleted. We felt the butterflies of making offers and countering and walking through a home inspection. We felt the joy of holding the paper in our arms.

Now, with the help of dear family, we can say we have a house. It feels both very real and very abstract. We don't actually move until the end of this month, but in every sense, its ours! From the roof shingles right down to the Pittsburgh Potty...

So I'll take just a second to gush about this property, since it's all I can think about. There's a front AND back porch! There's a fenced in yard (which means everything to me these cold mornings when I bundle up to take the dog out). There's a full basement - with a washer and dryer (what! no more laundrymat!?!?) There's a finished third floor. There's a big open kitchen. There's some minor face lift projects (hellooo wood panelling and drop ceiling) but we love that with a few upgrades, we can make it our own.

This is a house in a neighborhood we adore. We're blocks from our favorite people. We're next door to a library! We're super close to some of our favorite restaurants and coffee shops. Plus, Neil's bike to work is even easier.

More than anything, this is our place. For years moving was off the table for us, and now its as simple as a signature. We are literally building a future for ourselves that's brighter than we could have imagined.

I think its fitting that we move easter weekend. Its truly symbolic of our new start. I can't wait to pick up our keys and spend that first night in our new home (sleeping bags, dog bed, and a toothbrush). I can't wait to paint some cabinets and arrange some furniture and then have all of you (yes, all of you!) over to celebrate!!


  1. Aww, yay for not being a hipster and calling your row house a town home. :) We too are the proud parents of a row house. (Still rocking the drop ceiling in the kitchen and basement, but we painted over the wood paneling in the basement so it at least looks like it's from the 90's instead of the 70's!) My best advice to you as a new home parent: home warranty. $500 a year, but it's paid for itself every year thus far. (Unless you know some cheap contractors.) Congrats!

    1. Ours came with a home warranty (thank goodness) and we also lucked out with new windows, new electric, new boiler, and new hot water tank! I never thought that list of items would make me so thrilled- yay for homeownership!! Soon I'll find myself saying "I can't wait to spend all weekend working on the yard"

    2. I can honestly say that after two years - I'm still not at that point. :)

  2. It's adorable. It's got your eyes and Neil's roofline.

    Congrats on a great investment. Larryville's property values are going nowhere but up.

    1. hahaha! +1

      also I couldn't be happier that we're neighbors!!! Neil's been wanting to check out the cigar bar - we'll have to twist your arm into joining us!

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  4. Congratulations Em and Neil! It sounds wonderful!! I am so happy for you for you all and puppy! I smiled when I read you are next to library! When you were a little girl, and moved from North Hills to Oakmont, you couldn't wait to tell me how happy you were that you lived by the library. I bragged about you to many friends for that.. So sweet, happy about a library!

    Love to you all!
    Aunty Stacy

  5. What great exciting news! Very happy for you!
    Sara e

  6. Congratulations!!

    Hugs, Gabby