Tuesday, July 17, 2012

hair today, gone tomorrow?

Sometimes I just need some change in my life - shake things up a bit - and that's not always an easy thing to create. Usually when that happens I go on a spontaneous road trip or delve into a large art project. Thankfully, Neil instinctively understands what I need when I get this wave of restlessness - early into our marriage I got this way and he suggested we swap all the furniture from one room with the other room.... bless him.

Honestly though, the simplest path to change is through my hair - so fast and so satisfying. Which is why I'm considering any of the following styles and I'm itching to do them soon...


aka the semi-shave


or I could just get rid of all of it and go the way of Natalie (and others)
*reminding myself I may not look like the model in the photo

How about your thoughts? Any weigh ins on my choice - not that these are major life choices - which might be why I like them. I can take control of my hair, if nothing else. 
Do you ever get antsy too? What do you do with the restless? 


  1. I was always a big furniture rearranger, but our house doesn't really allow for much of that now. So my drugs of choice are watch bands, wallets and cellphone wallpapers. Not exactly drastic changes, but enough to quell that stirring.

    And, on the hair note, I'm not a huge fan of any of those. But I say dye, if anything. While it's true that hair grows back, the awkward "growing" stage is generally rough and is the main reason why my style has reflected Ms. Portman's for the better part of 10 years. I wouldn't mind going from point A to point C, but I don't want to spend the time required at point B. :)

  2. From a practical standpoint: short hair needs constant trims & I'm wondering if you'll want to deal with that over the next couple months. Ombre would kind of deal with itself since it already has roots.... plus I've always wanted to but it doesn't work well on blondes... so that gets my vote!

  3. I just get myself knocked up :) Just kidding about that one... sort of.

    If you're looking for honesty - don't at all like the mohawk. I actually am not a huge Rhiana fan either. I think you are adorable and would look really good with the pixie cut. That one would also feel good for running/ yoga too. My second choice would be the dye job. I love you lady and think you would look good in any cut or dye.


  4. I love love love the "short and sweet" pixie. I think you'd look very Audrey Hepburn-ish with that cut -- so that one gets my vote :) But you look adorable any which way -- I'm excited to see what you choose!

    When I'm feeling stir-crazy I plan big trips -- to Ireland, France, Italy. They have yet to actually happen, but when they do, boy will I be prepared.

  5. I've always wanted to get a pixie haircut but you have to have good hair to pull that off. I'm afraid my hair that was left to pull off the pixie do would just lay flat and I would look more like Lloyd on Dumb and Dumber than a nice pixie.

  6. Thank you all for the input!!! I got too antsy and last night I dyed my hair ombre - although I haven't ruled out other options yet *i might just work my way down the list.