Monday, July 16, 2012

thoughts and street art

some randomized thoughts this monday afternoon....

I just finally watched exit through the gift shop, a documentary on street art that won an oscar a few years back. It was excellent and has me thinking a lot about what makes art "art" and what qualifies someone as an artist.  It also makes me LOVE these creative pictures of street art!  especially this one:

I had my first ever huevos rancheros yesterday. Huevos Rancheros: mexican food for breakfast (awesome idea); mexican food for breakfast (terrible idea)

We were lucky enough to dog sit for an entire week and now that Snoop is gone I miss him so much! However there was that moment when I forgot he was here. There's nothing like thinking you're alone in the house, having stepped fresh out of the shower, and feeling a nose on your bare butt, to scare you right into next year.

Is there a worse place for a bug bite then your knuckle? Cause than its more than itch, its hurt-itch.

I'm having a harder time than ever getting myself to run these days. Maybe its the heat. Maybe its that my pep talks are no longer working to get me though the pain. Maybe its that there's so many fun activities, I have no reserve tank for exercise... here's the catch with it all: I feel worse when I can't fit running into my schedule, and I can't fit it in because I feel like junk. (does that ever happen to you? for example: you're more rested/refreshed when you work out, but you can't get to the gym - you're too tired)  Help me break the cycle friends, if you live around here, lets go for a jog!

I usually tire of long articles that have no pictures but this interview with Michael Keaton was good the whole way through.

My cousin has been joking about wanting a pair of crochet pants, but I saw this pair on etsy and with the right kind of underwear, you could really party! I can't think of anything else but crochet pants. I hope you're in the same boat. (you can thank me for that in the comments section)

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  1. I had a half-Mexican friend who once fixed me an excellent skillet of huevos rancheros, with bacon fat-soaked tortillas mixed in. Unfortunately, I've never been able to accurately recreate it. I use the same ingredients, but it's not the same. He probably snuck in some mysterious ingredient from south of the border. Maybe some grass. Who knows? Mine just taste like a lame imitation.