Tuesday, July 3, 2012

July, July!

Its a new month already and I'm kicking it off by sitting on a deck, by the waters of Michigan.

If you were to ask me what is your ideal July, I would say "the Country Time Lemonade Commercial" and now I have it wrapped up for me in a bow. 

side bar, Michigan has the most oddly delightful state motto:
"If you seek a Pleasant Peninsula, Look about you"

Since I can check Pleasant Peninsula off my list, here are some other things I look forward to in July

Trail Running
Its my first ever trail race and I'm nervous because my running has taken a hit lately.
I'm hopeful because I love the woods and I love dinosaurs.
(that's right - dinosaurs. It's the "T-REX Trail Run")

For our six month dating anniversary with Neil, I got a case of sparklers.
It was April
I was thrilled.
(just imagine how I am when they are holiday appropriate)

Old Movies
The quaint movie theater in my hometown is wonderful. It boasts the fact that its the only single screen theater in all of pittsburgh. It has the old time movie feel with enough upgrades to be comfortable.
It does unique things like the Moonlit Matinee.
Every Friday and Saturday this summer they show old movies at 10 pm and I'm really into it!
(especially The Jerk, Ghostbusters, The Big Lebowski, and Back to the Future II)

Our CSA is wonderful so far. I'm learning to cook with a bunch of new things and I'm consuming so many greens. The best thing about eating a lot of greens - you just want more.
I think I'm turning into a rabbit.
This chopped salad from smitten kitchen cools me down just by looking at it.

Dark Knight Rises
Where do I start here?
Its a super hero movie. Its filmed in Pittsburgh. Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The whispers that Batman dies in this one. Cameos with Hines Ward and Mayor Ravenstahl.
I don't know which of these things I love most.
p.s. I already saw Spider Man and it was really good!

Some people are olympics crazy and that's not me.
I'm olympics pretty happy. I watch with mild interest and I enjoy it.
I think I'm just too fatigued from all the other sports I passionately love all year round put a lot into shuffle board and water polo every four years. 
But you can bet I'll watch me some more basketball. 

Cousin's Day
You didn't know that was a thing?
Oh yes, its July 24th and its a holiday I will fully embrace because my cousins are the best.
We have a Cousin's Camping Weekend this month because we're all so in love.
We're custom making tank-tops.
As a group, the line from cousin to sibling is so blurry which makes 7/24 is a great day....
also its my mom's birthday!

What are you looking forward to in July? What is your favorite Olympic event? Are you going to watch Dark Knight the day it opens (if so don't ruin it for me)? Do you know any great summer salad recipes that can satisfy my insatiable need to eat leaves?

And I'll leave you with the perfectly topical song from the Decemberists...
I saw them play it live with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra one July, several years ago.
I will close my eyes and put myself back on the grass of Millennium Park right now as I listen.

July, July!


  1. Umm... you seem to have mistakingly ommitted Christmas in July. What better reason to watch ELF in the middle of the summer?

    1. I usually forget that holiday until it passes. (easily enough, I didn't have a proposal that day!) I hope you and the missus celebrate in style! I'll make sure to do something special as well - if I remember.

    2. Maybe we'll actually get around to sending out cards this year. That'll help you remember. As for festivities - we're having a Christmas morning breakfast dinner. Requirements for our guests - pajamas, white elephant gift and bacon. Sprinkle lightly with mimosa's or beer and serve. :)

  2. Personally, I'm looking forward to being one month closer to this watermelon of a child coming out of me!


    1. That's the highlight of my august - meeting my niece/nephew!