Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Democracy Pants

While so many people I talk to seem to be dreading this election and longing for it to be over - I'm not going to lie - I've been pretty excited for today.

I try to remain non-partisan on this blog but I don't mind sharing with you that this morning I joyfully put on my "Barack and Roll all Night. Party Every Day" underwear. Then I made my way to the polls!

Building on something my buddy Tom said... I keep thinking that tonight no one has bigger stakes in this than Mitt and Barack. Yet one man will graciously win and the other will graciously give a consolation speech. Both will act with tact and kindness. Neither will threaten to move to Canada.

I hope that we can take a note from the guys leading the way. Whom ever wins - we will be okay. No one is actively malicious, worships satan, or is trying to destroy america. (I believe that about the candidates and I believe that about people that vote differently than me.)

The things that really might make me feel despair on wednesday is how we chose to speak to each other, and how quickly we abandon our role in government.

How ever the vote goes, you don't need to limit your involvement to one day every four years. Just contacting local officials, signing onto bills, or lobbying congressmen can make your voice heard in a truly powerful way.

So whatever underwear you put on this morning, I hope can step in to your democracy pants, because this civilized voting thing is pretty great.

p.s. since I got way more preachy and divisive than usual, I'll end with something both sides of the isle will like: a picture of a dog that recently got out of a shelter so he just loves to rest on his elbows and stare at birds with his new buddy.


  1. Oh how I love boys and their dogs. I look forward to meeting your new friend.

  2. One thing they talked about on the news this morning was how graciously both candidates, and the winners and losers in major Senate and House races, spoke last night after the results were in. That, and the feeling of heading out to the polls yesterday (which I was also SUPER excited for!), makes me very hopeful that the political climate is turning around.

    PS -- you aren't preachy and divisive at all. One thing I think we can all agree on is Barack and Roll underwear.

    1. Thanks Carrie! I thought it might divisive because a lot of people (including myself) feel so strongly about this election and we (justifiably) have a lot at stake - on both sides. I don't want to minimize that at all. I was just thinking that if the people running for office don't give up on politics or america or good citizenship after it all, then neither should we.

      PS - i loved your pre-election post so very very much!

  3. Apparently, I shouldn't comment on blogs before I go to bed. Timmy pointed out that the picture is you and Dixon. Mi malo :)

    1. haha, please don't worry. I used the very gender neutral term "buddy" and my hair is oh so short now and the picture has a strong light in the back ground making the foreground dark. Most importantly, you saw how happy Dixon is - and that's truth!

      I miss you guys so much and I can't wait for you to meet the pooch soon!

  4. Love this picture! You have never ever been preachy or divisive.. Honesty is the best!
    Aunt Stacy