Friday, November 9, 2012


I know that November is already in full swing. I have been wearing my hand knit scarf (thank you Sarah!) and my wooly gloves for days now. Still, I would love to share about some of the many things I am looking forward to this month...

Walks with Dixon
Not to worry, you won't get a dog picture in every post.
But this one warms my soul because it captures autumn, and our neighborhood, and our family.

"Brunette Dancing Rave"
On blogger you can see the phases people search to find your site. 
I have to apologize to the multiple (yes multiple) people looking for "Brunette Dancing Rave" that found this post-concussive, surgery recovering, soup eating, nap taking lady insead.
However, I look forward to doing more this month. Maybe something more mild like "Brunette Shuffle Step" and we'll save that other ambitious search result for march or april.

An Ale in My Honor
There was never any doubt that my husband loves me, but he's proving it yet again.
This month we'll bottle a beer he made precisely to my tastes.
Its a pumpkin ale but its not too sweet. It has ginger and cinnamon and all spice. It has only a hit of hops. PLUS a secret ingredient. 
I feel so proud to have a beer that's my beer. He even named it after me - 
The Zipperhead!

Two New Crochet Stitches
Some ask, "what do you do all day?" Lately the answer is "I've take up the ol' crochet hooks."
I've found its engaging enough without causing brain stimulus overload.
I recently learned not one, but TWO new stitches! Dear readers you are either 
(a) thrilled for me or (b) mocking me. 
Those in camp 'a' can call me up and I'll mail you a hat
 (the 'b' people, eh, you get a hat too, I have a bunch of time)

Mountain Biking
Not for me, oh no, wellgeez no!
My dear husband has a light in his eyes when he gets near a bike, talk about bikes, think of bikes. (the kind of light that's part kid at christmas and part Nicholson from Cuckoo's Nest)
This month the last of the warm-enough days will be here and I look forward to him riding about as much a he possibly can.
also, this video of Danny Macaskill is insane!

movie: The Interrupters
We got this documentary in from Netflix and we can't wait to watch it. The Interrupters is about a group of former gang members that travel through inner city Chicago, trying to enact a cease fire among active gangs. It has received great reviews, and maybe I'll even see my old neighborhood.

books: So Many, Too Many! (in a good way) 
After just finishing a great book - "Night Circus" by Erin Morgenstern, I'm excited to dive into my next few for November. I was thinking "Hiroshima" by John Hersey and "Someone Knows My Name" by Lawrence Hill, then "Passage to India" by E.M. Forster
And then I'll be about 1/3 of the way through the books that have been lent to me!
I love to read and have LOVED the ones I've gotten so far, but please bring me no more!!

Leek Bread Pudding
I love stuffing so much. Its my favorite side dish of the Thanksgiving meal. So when I tasted this recipe last year for a savory bread pudding, I was quickly won over. I don't know why its taken me so long to make it myself, but I'm finally doing it! 
(maybe I've just been appropriately afraid that once I see how easy it is to have warm bread bake, I won't be able to turn back.)

College Basketball!
I'm sorry for those of you in hockey mourning.
I'm pleased for those of you at the peak of foot ball season happiness.
But I can't hear any of you over sounds of my cries of joy. 

This year the holiday is extra special because the date will be exactly 3 months post surgery.
My "I love you"s to family will be extra sappy.
My stamina as I travel between all 5 or so different family houses will be extra strong.
My cup will be spilled over!
This year for my birthday, I used a gift card to buy a bottle of champagne, and at the time I felt too sick to drink it. We've saved this bottle and I can't think of a better time to uncork than November 22nd.
My cup will be extra extra spilled over!

God Parents
The best for last: Neil and I are beyond honored and overwhelmingly blessed because we've been asked to become God Parents. 
Our darling niece, Mia, has become the tiny life we pledge to pour into, to pray for, to influence, and guide. Although we just met her, we couldn't love her more. 
We can't wait to fulfill this role. 
(It means also we spoil her like crazy, right? Because if that's not in the job description than I'm adding an amendment)

And just for fun: this video cracked me up!
If Mia doesn't pick us as her favorite, we might need to borrow some of these tactics.

 Have a great Weekend!


  1. My top 5 from you list:
    (5) Thanksgiving
    (4) College Basketball
    (3) Mountain Biking
    (2) Walks with Dixon
    (1) GODPARENTS!!

    1. you swap Biking out for the Zipperhead and bump up Basketball and our top fives are just about the same!

  2. Happy November!!!! Hugs, Gabby

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