Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy Weekend! hope its safe and dry!

I've been thinking so much about people on the eastern seaboard and hoping the best for their rebuilding and return to normalcy. 

I can't imagine all that's on the long road ahead for my cousin who's home flooded in Long Beach, NY. They will need to replace everything from drywall to book collections to spices to kids toys. Right now they can't get back to the home and there's still no electricity but thankfully everyone is okay. I hope everyone you know is safe and dry and on the mend.

Isn't it strange how things like a hurricane will seem so intangible to you, because your life continues unaffected, then you see or hear something small that will make it sink in. You think "wow, this really is huge for so many people." (I know that's such an obvious thought but that's how it happens for me). 

My surreal moment was when I saw this picture of the pancake house where I vacation in Stone Harbor, NJ.    
The tables are set in such a heartbreakingly familiar way, yet I know it will be ages before water is drained, equipment is replaced, and health codes are passed. 
I know it will take so much work get back to the ease of an overly tanned waitress topping off coffee while one leisurely finishes off banana pancakes over the din of happy vacationers. 

(so as I re-read, it sounds elitist to say this sinks in when I see my vacation spot flooded. I'm also feeling deeply for those who are now homeless, injured, and worse. But I'm not going to delete above comments because its true that this picture made things real and I just wanted to share about the one tangible I knew, I hope that makes sense.)

I'd like to move along with some other, happier, thoughts. I figure, even if you're still in waders and rain slickers, laughter is important, so here's a few moments of comic relief I've discovered this week...

Jimmy Kimmel seems to have a knack for messing with kids. My new favorite is the Lie Detective:

Sometimes I think about how certain animal groups could overtake humans if they just organized properly. After seeing these pictures, I'm pretty sure it won't be the dogs that do it.

Oh Ellen and Gladys! Always hilarious, but the best banter you two have ever had was the first time.

What's funnier, crying in public or a competition to see who cries first? I'm sure the answer should be neither but both videos had me cracking up.

I'm so happy that Happy Endings has started up again. I think the fake fight that Brad and Jane have in season 2 might be one of my favorite scenes...

Once you know all these facts, you'll be aware of more things.

Louis CK is on SNL this week.. "Sandy, I really wish you hadn't"

And to bring things full circle, the blog My Drunk Kitchen has an amusing video on exactly what (not?) to do during a hurricane for sustenance. Happy Weekend Friends

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