Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Poached of Energy

After long weekends, I settle into easy restful weekdays. They include catching up on my favorite podcasts, attempting to give my brain some mid-day shut eye, and listening to calming music.

I usually don't have the energy to cook a full meal for myself and so I find I'll merely reheat leftovers. As this has been my pattern for quite some time, eventually, I found I like some small ways to spice up the food we made over the weekend. Lately, that little kick has been the poached egg. 

Do you poach eggs? I used to be afraid to, but I promise its so very easy! Plus its a healthy. 
- here is a great tutorial, and here is another (but I go more with the method is the first link)
- and here is a ridiculously specific video - I'll never use a thermometer for my eggs, nevertheless this short visual is very helpful. 

I also used to limit the poached egg to a breakfast treat on top of toast. Now I'll put one over chili, rice, pizza, salad, black beans, really anything! 

Here I had a spicy tomato couscous.
It had dried out a bit and plus, I wanted a little boost of protein...

solution: the poached egg.

Is there anything you are intimidated to cook? (I'm still a bit nervous to bake my own bread) 
Is there anything you like to add to leftovers to elevate them a bit? 
Are your weeks getting darker and colder to the point that an egg can be exciting? yes? me too!


  1. That's really funny! I was just thinking of how much I love eggs and that Poached is the only style I haven't really tried yet.

    I like toad in a hole (with eggs not sausage):

    Thanks for the tips! I'll try it out soon.

  2. We've also been meaning to try the poached eggs. I think it was one of the challenges on the last season of Master Chef and it peaked Melissa's interest. If only I hadn't just finished dinner!!

  3. Clearly I don't need to recommend again (I wrote the post) but I should confess that after putting this up - this week I also added a poached egg on top of a veggie burger and on top of some polenta with spinach and carrots. I may need an intervening soon.

  4. Grandma taught me how to make perfect poached eggs. Just had one on my day off!
    Aunt Mary