Thursday, November 8, 2012


Exactly one week ago my friend gave birth to just the cutest, most want-to-squeezable little guy! Once again I'm so excited to see once of my friends, whom I've always loved and admired, become a mother.  Once again I'm so excited to watch this woman I've always adored, grow a kid I know I'll also adore. Its such an emotional and profound time - having your buddies become moms. (and really great moms, at that!)

I'm about to go and cook something for her as she rests and grows this little human. I've chosen a version of these chewy granola bars (I figured they are nutrient packed and can be frozen individually and they might be a nice change up from all the dinners she's been getting)

While I head off to the kitchen, here's some food for thought. In all the joy over the new birth, I still don't know what to call myself... is there a name for this? I'm not just friend to this little Mr Boy, cause you better believe when he grows up I'll say to him "hey! snap out of it. treat your mom right. she's much cooler than you'll ever comprehend!" Yet I'm not quite an Aunt. I could blend the word - Faunt, or Fauntie... but it just sounds, eh. And if that is unappealing imagine: Neil is the Funcle.

Growing up my mom was blessed to have wonderful, amazing friends that love me abundantly. They have been fun, formative, and incredible role models. For some I say aunt (Aunt Stacy), for some its just their first name (Jackie, Marta), and for others its whole new nick name entirely (Ludgie Two Shoes).

So the question is, what do you do for your friends kids? Do you have them call you something special? Is there a term I'm unaware of? Should we just go ahead and make one up now - because maybe it deserves a title. Its a big position to hold, we are the ones that always have gum!

oh and what is your go-to recipe for bringing food to new families? cause I have a lot of them coming and I want to make 'em happy!


  1. Em, You are just so funny and creative! I am not sure of Fauntie? Ha HA! and Funcle could turn bad quickly! HA HA!!

    I may not have given birth to your beautiful face, but I love you like you are my own... I feel honored to be Aunty to Dixon now.. I love your writing and you so inspire me!

    Aunt Stacy
    I feel honored and privileged..

    Recipe ~ Hoffstots to go! or a fav restaurant of the new parents! :)

    1. Aunt Stacy, you are a true Aunt to our whole family. You're the first one I think of now when my friends deliver and I feel such a love for these little babies!

  2. Is this a trick question? I say go with "Auntie Em" and "Uncle Stud"

  3. Go for another launguage. Zia Emma & Zio Neil?

    1. So perfect to go to the Italian! We grew up with calling our Great-Aunts "zia" to differentiate. I have such a fondness for them, maybe this is the answer!

  4. Not sure what they should call you, I'm just Katie. However, I do know that granols bars, oatmeal cookies, etc are great for new (nursing) moms. The oats help promote breasted milk. Maybe you can do something creative with that info :) My family and I love you, no matter what you're called!

  5. I love all these answers so much! Especially "Uncle Stud" - I think I'll call Neil that no matter what! And Katie, I didn't know about oats and nursing moms - I had heard something once about a little bit of beer helping bring in breast milk (maybe it has to be an oatmeal stout)... combined, you'd have quite the interesting meal.