Friday, November 16, 2012

my husband, the weenie

Wednesday of this week I felt not so great. I was fatigued and my head hurt and I just wanted to stay in bed.

*note: I did NOT make it to the store so we were bare bones in the dinner department

I love my husband because he made due and he created an excellent dinner out of the remains of our CSA. (an invented recipe of roasted beets and potatoes and corn and other root vegetables)

I love my husband because with out saying a word, he also left one questionable looking food item on the counter for me to discover Thursday morning...

Thanks honey!


  1. That looks like a ginger root! Great natural anti-inflammatory. Hope you're feeling better today Emma.

    1. Tricia, it is ginger root (which we use a lot in teas and in a great carrot soup recipe - its helpful cause I do get nauseated)... except Neil left it out for me because it also looks like a certain male body part. He was hoping to cheer me up? it think? haha!

    2. If he thinks that looks like... well, he should probably see a doctor. I guess that's what I'm trying to say.

  2. At least he left you something to gnaw on.