Friday, February 22, 2013

6 Months!

Today is six whole months from my surgery! It feels like both a blink of an eye and an entire lifetime.

In that time I feel like life has catapulted forward. I went from struggling to walk a block to full on running. My most recent run was 5 miles at a 9:50 pace!

We got a dog that we love and adore. I have the ability to wake up in the morning and walk him, feed him, care for him. And our little over-attached shelter dog has finally become less anxious and more settled into life with us.

See how he no longer has to sit between my legs and the counter when I cook;
now he can handle laying an entire 2 feet away from me!

In that time I began volunteering and adding more to my schedule. When I'm watching a crying baby, I can take care of that baby. It doesn't compete with headaches. And each passing week I feel the things I've added are easier to accomplish, I have more energy, and I'm remembering what its like to get things done.

see... now we're unfazed by adorable crying babies.

In that time we took a weekend trip. Unlike any in the prior years, this one was so fully enjoyable. It was jam packed with activities (running, brunch, walking around town, fancy dinner, live music, late night speakeasy, etc, etc). Unlike all prior trips, I did not cry from pain. not during. not after. I was able to wake up on Monday and continue my week of activities. No bundle of days in bed paying the fun tax.



Of course the speakeasy had to be too dark to take a decent picture (otherwise you would see the hipster waiter and his suspenders)

Oh, and we have some very big news....another huge step was taken in these months. We began actively searching for a house, and just this week we found one! While things are still in the works, I feel confident that we'll be sharing pictures of our new home very soon! So what was once a dream is now a reality! (that's right -homeowners!!!!)

As for my health, things are going just beautifully...

My Headache
There are times where I have absolutely no pain in my head. (and it has yet to lose its wonder and amazement). Those times are more frequent and they last longer. When I do get a headache it has a different quality than my past head pain. When I do get a headache, I can handle it because I know it will end. I will get a break, if not today, tomorrow. That kind of hope (or rather, assurance) changes everything.

My Neck
I still feel quite achy in my neck and shoulders. Its worse in the morning and by afternoon I'm usually loosen up and don't have body pain (unless the freezing cold messes with me). I was told this is to be expected and honestly it improves with each passing week.

My Other Symptoms
I have seen a great difference in my other concussion symptoms. Its no big surprise that getting some sleep and relief from pain has helped my head feel more clear. I can access memories faster. I can block out background noise better. I can focus for longer periods of time. All of this makes me feel that a career in nursing can once again become an option for me (of course I'll still stay away from high stress areas like the emergency department)

So there you have the happy highlights from these last six months. I feel so blessed because I can dream about the next six, knowing that I'll feel well enough to make those dreams come true. I can say "we'll move into a home", and "I'll begin working" and it doesn't have that melancholy distant feeling of "if only" - its very real. In every way, I have a future again (and the present is pretty great as well).

I can't thank you enough for all of your continued support and love and kindness and prayers. These days its gratitude, and not pain, that brings tears to my eyes.


  1. Dear beautiful Emily,

    Beautifully written as usual! I am crying with a heart of gratitude and thanksgiving for the continued healing! God is GOOD!

    Can't wait to see the pictures of your new home! I love you and your wonderful little family!!

    Aunty Stacy

  2. I'm speechless and so happy I could burst!

    Aunt Mary

  3. This is all great news!!!! I love the pic of the baby and your dog.

    How cool that it was tough to walk and now you can run that fast! Lots to smile about :)

  4. Can't believe it's been six months. Time flies when you're not curled up into the pain-induced fetal position, huh?

    Shout out to Larryville!

  5. Thank God! Although, I can't imagine what you have gone through, I do know that you are one of the strongest people I know (seriously). What an inspiration and a blessing you are to me, and to my children. We love you!
    Cousin Katie

  6. this is awesome. and i can't wait to RUN with you on the 9th. what a difference a year can make!