Saturday, February 16, 2013

Racing Forward

Yesterday I signed up for my 4th (FOURTH!) official race. That's four times I'll wake up on a weekend before its socially acceptable. That's four times I'll look over a course map and plan out my post run meal. That's four times I'll feel the thrill of meeting my goals despite all the difficult days to get there. That's four times I'll finish my distance without crying in pain. I'm ready to go!

Just in case you want to huff and puff along with us, here's the breakdown. (I mean it, join us and register! its such a thrill when you click "confirm")

March 9th in Pittsburgh, PA (North Park Boat House): "March Mad Dash 10M, 5M, and 5K" I'm running the 5K and Neil is doing the 5M. We ran this last year so I look forward to meeting up with friends and facing it again!

March 23rd in Louisville, KY: "Rodes City Run 10K" This little leg stretcher will be the perfect addition to a basketball watching marathon

May 5th in Pittsburgh, PA: "Dicks Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon" I get to be a part of the Marathon Relay with my wonderful group of book club girls. My leg of the race (6.1 miles) even ends at the bottom of my street! If Neil weren't running with me for moral support, I'd have him waiting for me with a coffee.

May 25th in Chicago, IL: "Soldier Field 10 Mile" We get to celebrate the 10th anniversary of our friend's restaurant openings on the same weekend we run along lake shore drive and finish on Soldier Field's 50 yard line (oh and we get to see little Theo, the coolest newborn in Chi City)!

We also have an exciting trip planned to Colorado in August for a wedding and we are scheming on ways to sneak over to West Virginia at some point. That would bump our 50 in 50 by 50 goal from 9 states to 13 states!

Its been so wonderful to lace up my sneakers and run these last two months... and that's just doing my little jaunts with the dog and training miles, imagine when I do a race again! I think I may be watering the seeds of an addiction here.

That confession aside, any one have any race suggestions? Are you running anything fun this year? What's your favorite Pittsburgh race? And seriously, I can't be the only one out there with open window browsers of 'running in the usa', 'google maps', 'ical' calender, and 'great US breweries' - while obsessively planning out trips. right? someone? anyone?


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  2. Woo hoo!! Can't wait for you guys to be in Chicago. Theo is excited :)