Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I grew up catholic and respectfully moved towards another church in my adult life. I still like a catholic mass now and again. I still love me a good fish fry. I still do something for lent. Maybe I'm double dipping my faith, but it makes sense to me.

Most years I try to add something beneficial to the 40 days, instead of giving something up. This year I have more time and more energy, so I chose several things...

1. Give up dessert. I don't eat a TON of sweets, but I do what I can. This seems as good a time as any exercise a little will power. Of course, with that in mind, I reveled in an all ice cream dinner last night.

What up Fat Tuesday!

2. Run (at least) a mile a day. There's a dedicated group of people who've long been a member of the RAMAD club. I'm just hoping on board for 40 days. I figure if I can enjoy going out even in the icy blistering cold, I can lace up through spring.

3. Read a chapter of the bible every day. Of all the things I do through my day that express my faith, this is one I let slip. Can't say why that's the case, but I can feel certain that this will end up being much less of a chore or check list and much more of a blessing.

As I run, as I read, and as I practice some restraint - I hope to keep my focus on what lent is about. I hope to hone in on the aspect of "self-examination and self-denial in preparation for Easter."

Do you do anything for lent? Have you found any great benefit from this practice in the past? My wonderful cousin once hand wrote a letter a day for the entirety of lent. Isn't that just wonderful? 


  1. I deactivated my Facebook account. I kinda hope I don't want to reactive it after Lent. That is my hope anyway.

    All of the above sound great! A mile a day actually sounds pretty nice! A "just right" amount! :)

    1. My husband quit facebook and he never looked back. He says he loves being off but I secretly think he like that I still have an account so we can get officially invited to things.

  2. Those are all great Lenten sacrifices/goals! I like how you picked things that are really meaningful for different reasons. And even outside of religious significance, giving something up just makes people more mindful -- never a bad thing!

  3. How inspiring! Now, to figure what to do and/or abstain from. I once took an icon class (eastern Catholic faith) as a Lenten devotion. It was time well spent.


    1. Gabby that sounds really interesting! Where did you take the class - I'd love to do something like that! My college roommate knew about iconography, being an art major, and I always found it fascinating!

  4. Dear Beautiful Em, So good to see you back on! God is good! I was praying the reason was good health and vacation days! I so agree with you on Lenten season. Instead of taking away, I now add. Not more activities more time with the Lord. In His word and listening to his guidance. I guess that will somehow take away from other things that I let take time away from Him.. He is my greatest Love and any great love needs and beckons our time... Time to read, learn, listen and apply..

    Also, reading the most wonderful book, "Love Does" by Bob Goff. A great suggestion for everyone..

    I love you!
    Aunt Stacy

    1. I always look for good book suggestions (and I've always loved the ones you got me in the past - I still often go back to streams in the desert). Thank you!