Thursday, February 7, 2013

a vacation day

Well, its been a minute since I've posted. Sorry for any delay (those of you faithful readers, still checking in) - I can gladly assure you, my silence has been because of only good things in my life.

A few weeks ago I had a decadent two hour lunch at a french cafe, Paris 66. I sipped coffee and nibbled at the bastille galette and typed Neil's book. On the heated terrace, with my macaroon dessert, I didn't feel any pain.

When I confessed to Neil how I spent my indulgent afternoon, he said "it sounds like for the first time in years you had a 'vacation day' not a 'sick day'!" He couldn't have been more accurate and I couldn't be happier to move into a new phase in my life. Sure some days (or just parts of days) still feel like sick days, but I'm changing up that ratio with each passing week.

Not wanting to squander good feelings, I've been filling my schedule to the max of what I can handle. I started volunteering with a hospice organization. I babysit my beautiful god daughter. I walk some dogs for a friend. I keep a running schedule with daily work outs. I even clean the house here and there. (I know that may seem the bare minimum to you go-getters, but it really is a great deal more than what I used to do)

By the time I'm home for the evening, have walked the dog, and worked on dinner, I'm so wiped I can't begin to think of a post. Wow, hear that friends, I sound like a normal busy american again! So as I find a balance between doing more and resting some, I hope to add "posting more" to my days.

Also (and I realize this is a silly excuse), sometimes I sit down in the recliner and Dixon hops into my lap and my computer is juuust out of reach. Of course, I can never bare to wake the spoiled pup.

oh distractions.... where was I?...

This weekend we head out on the mega bus to visit some dear friends. Its the first time in AGES that I look forward to a trip in its fullness. This is the first time in so very long that I don't need to juggle happiness at the expense of how it will make me hurt.

Its a true Vacation Weekend!

And on Monday, instead of crashing, I'll go back to keeping busy... and hopefully sharing pictures of our dog (whether you ask for them or not)


  1. So happy that you're feeling better! You're the best blog writer I know so keep writing, you're good at it!

  2. Really glad to hear this friend. :)

  3. I love this blog, I love your noggin and I L-O-V-E you!!!
    Cousin Katie

  4. You are so very inspirational. I started a blog myself because of you - really it's for me more than anyone else. Thanks for what you do ...keep it up!

  5. MEGABUS!!!!! Really, I'm excited enough about this weekend to giggle. It's that serious. :)

  6. I missed your blog so much but just like a good friend you haven't seen in's like you never left! So very happy for you! Love ya,
    Aunt Mary

  7. Thank you for all that love and support! It means so much to hear you check in as I decide to start checking in again too. Hopefully I don't bore you as I get so much better and normal!