Monday, December 31, 2012

2013 Resolutions

After some tweaking on my resolutions, here are the 13 goals I am setting for 2013...

1. Send 13 packages or cards. 
thank you to my cousin Lisa for this idea! 
2. Run 400 miles. 
This is ambitious, considering no one in our neighborhood shovels a side walk, making winter running virtually impossible. However, I believe I can average 7.69 miles per week...maybe?
3. Read 5 biographies/autobiographies
I just borrowed a bunch of great books from "cousin" Nick, and reading about other people's lifes is something I don't often do. Kurt Cobain, Desmond Tutu, Elanor Roosevelt, and more and more. 
Its an untapped genre for me; I'm excited for this one!
4. Read 5 contemporary books written in 2012 or '13
Some great authors came out with books recently, from Zadie Smith to Anne Lamott. After a year of reading a bunch of classics, I would love a reason to curl up with some contemporaries.
5. Cook 13 new recipes.
How many cookbooks do I have and yet I cycle through our dozen or so recipes all the time. I'd like to  broaden my horizons a bit in this area.
6. Give up ranch dressing.
I pretty much took the most unhealthy thing I eat with the most frequency and I'm cutting it out (it was a close race with dark chocolate and craft beer.) So I'll see ya next year Ranch!
*note: after reading this list to Neil he said this was by far the toughest one for me... not running 400 miles... ranch abstention. I believe that indicates a bit of a problem.
7. Eat 5 ethnic cuisines I've never tried before.
I've been growing in my love of unique food while at the same time, really appreciating the stories of first generation americans. I would love to experience some authentic foods from all over the world while staying local. If you know any good restaurants in Pittsburgh, please let me know!
8. Write two books.
For years I wrote a book each year for Neil... 2012 really got away from me and I would love to make a push to keep this (very time consuming) tradition going.
9. Do 50 hours of yoga.
This can be at home or in a class. I love time relaxing and focusing and now that I'm feeling better - not needing yoga daily, I don't want the practice to slip away
10. Read a news article every day.
I realized I check facebook more than CNN and after watching a whole season of "Newsroom" in two sittings, I feel a renewed desire to stay informed
11. Run in at least 5 official races 
This will make the 400 miles I run way more exciting. This week I'm signing up for a relay team for the Pittsburgh Marathon, which is a really exciting start!
12. Make 5 homemade gifts. 
I love giving presents that took time and thought and care. This will inspire me to get those creative juices flowing.
13. Learn to Knit. 
I can crochet but I've always want to learn to knit. I believe it will go a long way in helping me achieve #12. Holler if you want a pot holder!

So that's the list. In a few more hours I'll wake up, go for a run, read some news, and relish a new year.
Hope you have fun tonight and I hope you find some great things to aim for in the next 365!


  1. I love these resolutions! I've never read anything by Anne Lamott, but I've heard great things about her -- might have to give her a try this year as well. And while I certainly won't be running, maybe Baby, Kyle and I will come cheer you on in the marathon in May :)

  2. You have officially motivated me to take this resolution thing serously! My list is about to begin for 2013!

    Thanks Em,
    Aunt Mary

  3. You will love knitting! It's so easy to make a scarf or a babies hat! It literally takes less than an hour to pick up the basics and get a scarf going!

    I am to mayonnaise as you are to ranch dressing. It's my favorite "thing". I think all these sound so good!

  4. All wonderful Em! God's blessings and healing to you and Neil this New Year..New Beginnings!!

    Aunt Stacy