Monday, December 10, 2012

BCS: 90 Sitcoms

With everyone on the edge of their ergonomically correct work chair, I didn't want to wait any longer to post the results of the 90s Sitcom bracket.

These were our rules:
1. We go matchup by matchup until the round is over before moving into the next round
2. Everyone present gets a vote and majority wins
3. For any close calls (win by 2 or less), both sides will get an opportunity to make their case for the reason their choice is a better tv show.
                                                         a. This can be done verbal or through the use of media such as youtube clips (a laptop will be hooked up to the TV for  viewing)
                                  b. Once both sides have had a chance to make their argument we will re-vote
c. There is only one opportunity to revote per matchup
4. In the event of a tie (even after a revote) we will perform a phone a friend  (selected at random) to be the deciding vote, which is final

Some of our Biggest Arguments: Doogie Howser MD vs The Adventures of Pete and Pete, Married With Children vs Saved By The Bell, The Simpsons vs. Full House, Friends vs Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and the "blue collar battle" of Roseanne vs. Home Improvement

The Final Four were a predictable (yet respectable): Friends, Seinfeld, Fresh Prince, and Full House
The Overall Winner was: SEINFELD!!!  

To view the entire completed bracket go to this link.

Below I've added more stuff - mostly because I'm still hopped up on sugar from eating gushers and drinking spiked capri suns....

In honor of Seinfeld - here are some scenes we love: The Festivus and The Contest. And we can't be all that shocked it won, after this national survey.  I also happen to love this twitter site that presents plausible Seinfeld plot lines if the show were still on air today.

Despite our differences in voting, we found a uniting love in theme songs. They really don't make intros like they used to... in the 90s there was always an awesome song and a montage of exaggerated hijinx. I miss those days.

When Perfect Strangers was on the chopping block and someone said "who even knows the theme song?" About half of us burst out in unison "stand-ing TALL, on the wings or our dreams" And when Living Single made its exit, Sarah who had championed the show,  sang us a slow jam sad version of "In a 90s kind of world... I'm glad I've got my girls". Also I feel it was the theme song that got "Salute Your Shorts" the win over "Hey Dude."

In the end there can only be one winner, which leaves a lot of fallen soldiers and sad voters. But we had fun with clips and fights and Geno's Pizza Rolls. (speaking of clips... here's some classics from Friends, and Simpsons, and Saved By The Bell)

Finally, I give you Carlton, to dance this one out....

Do you have any grievances to air over our voting? (I'm still upset about a first round loss for Pete and Pete) 
Do you have any favorite moments from 90s shows? (sadly I tried to think of some for Full House and came up short - is that blaspheme?)


  1. While I'm sure it would've fallen to Friends in the sweet sixteen anyway, I must say that there is no way Wonder Years should lose to Coach. Who still watches Coach in the 21st century? Nobody. Who signed a petition for the Wonder Years to be released on DVD? This guy. (Epilogue - the did finally release it. So a few other people got on that train too.)

  2. It's obvious that children of "Full House" vote by much different criteria than do us children of "The Brady Bunch."

  3. I'm not surprised Seinfeld won. It really was a great show. You guys must have had so much fun yelling at each other over this. Thanks for the clip of Carlton. He would have won the best dancer contest!

  4. I still can't believe that Full House got so much love. I didn't have it making it through the round before the Simpsons matchup. Guess I underestimated the nostalgia vote.