Monday, December 3, 2012

Taste of Victory

 Yesterday was extra special (if you are from Pittsburgh, you understand why)!

Against all odds, the scrappy Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Not Worth Mentionings by a field goal in the final seconds!!! And a tearful Charlie Batch hugged it out.

Prior to the game we took a bottle of the latest beer that Neil has worked many hours making (its FINALLY ready) and we said if they win, we'll drink it...

(here he is weeks ago, hard at work)

After the game we were thrilled. We put on some Christmas music and pulled out our decorations and began decking the halls. As we did we talked about the victory ("I mean what a guy, that Charlie, to block down field for his running backs!") and the holidays ("Maybe Christmas morning we skip presents and just take Dixon for a long walk.") and life ("Does it get better than this?").

With everything in place, we ceremoniously cracked open the very special brew Neil made for my recovery.

I took one sip of The Zipperhead Ale and was convinced it was the best beer I've ever tasted. Then, dripping with sentimental foolishness I suggested we take a stupid picture of it near our tiny tree.

aren't you blown away?

Dixon was also impressed by this holiday still life extravaganza and he saddled up to the scene just in time to knock over both glasses of that liquid gold. 

I'll answer your questions in the order they appear...
1. Yes, that is a bed sheet being used as a tree skirt.
2. Yes, I also noted that the puddle was deep enough to scoop some back into a glass... but I refrained.
3. No, I couldn't punish the frisky puppy. Not when I put a tree and two drinks on a wobbly stool. And not when he has such a cute guilty face.

The lesson we learned here was simple. On the eve of a Steeler victory, on the cusp of Christmas, the Orbin household doesn't cry over spilled anything.