Friday, December 7, 2012

HAPPY WEEKEND! hope its paradise

"This morning, with her, having coffee"
~Johnny Cash,
when asked for his definition of paradise

My favorite thing about every weekend is staying curled up in bed, drinking coffee.
Now that we have a puppy that sits at the bedside, begging for attention, its much harder to keep up the practice. (no joke, when he wants us he makes the exact noise of Tim the tool man Taylor, huurrha!)
So we've found that paradise is also located curled up in the living room, drinking coffee, watching sports center, petting a dog.

I love when people flirt with Pittsburgh!!
Now the Huffington Post is taking a turn.

In case you felt DMX was missing from your holiday preparations there's this.

Have you experienced GooglePoetics?
its insightful, hilarious, and surprisingly deep.
check it out (if you have a free fifty minutes)
then go to and type in any start you want... it really gives you your own poem!

This video cracks me up!
mess with a frog, it will mess with you back

For any parents contemplating Elf on a Shelf, read this first.
such brilliant parenting!

The autopsy report was just released on Notorious BIG - and the plot thickens.

Maybe if I read this list of bad foods before every holiday party, I could avoid things like the full plate of cookies for dinner that I had last night!

If there's any truth to this article, then you weren't aware of the time you wasted spent looking on this site. And if you happened to be waiting for a bus, your welcome.

Is it me or is this song in every commercial... thus in my head all ever loving day
(although, I must say, I don't hate it)
in fact I'll play it to roll out the weekend.

I hope you have a good one - and you get that paradise in the morning!

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  1. Google Poetics! I'm all over it! I saw where the cops apologized to the family of B.I.G. but I didnt read too much more into it. Think I'll click the link! :) I almost invested in an elf yesterday, I'm curious to see what it says.