Friday, December 21, 2012

topa-MAXED out

Wednesday of this week was my very first day with no medication (in years!)

Weaning off Topamax has always been a struggle for me. This time it was a bit easier, but I still felt exhausted and not quite right. I'm hoping these following days will allow for me to adjust and rest and find out how I really truly feel.

I'd love to share some of the reasons I"m so tired though (in addition to weaning and such). Cause they are all worthy events...

1. I began the process to begin volunteering!! That means I got a TB test and filled out a bunch of papers. It also means I'll be able to see how I do with a schedule and routine and florescent lighting. I start in the new year, and this is the first step towards working again and I am really really happy with it!!

2. Neil and I had the joy of attending some Pitt Basketball games and I don't get tingling and numbness in my arms when we walk the steps up to our seats! And when I jump up to cheer for an alley-oop, I don't get black out/stabby pains. And when we get to the final minutes, I don't feel like I need to go home. so LETS GO PITT!!

3. I was able to play picnic/doctor/fort/camping game with my nephew. I was present and happy and on top of it all - it was morning! I was happy in the morning!!

4. I've gone running - at least one mile - every single day since I was cleared (except for one rainy afternoon). Running today in 30 degree temps, with snow, had its small squirrels or other dogs are crazy enough to be out in that weather, which makes for smooth jogging with Dixon.

5. I got to snuggle a perfect new born boy! Marcus Canaan, you are the most adorably chill baby in the world.

6. We bottled, printed, cut, and labeled our Christmas Porter, "Midnight Mass" It's all ready to go for our cousin's case exchange.

7. We cleaned and readied for tonight's bracket club series: Christmas Movies. We got the home-made bracket board completed and we are ready to rumble!

**note: Dixon was left unattended and he put in an early vote for anything but "Love Actually" (maybe he isn't a rom-com kind of dog).

At least when we say "WHAT did you do?" 
He knows to avoid eye contact and belly slide his way underneath us.

So that's the exhaustive list of my exhaustion. If only I didn't have to rev up again to face a new list of chaos for Christmas!

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  1. Such good news! I am amazed and thankful!!

    Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family! My prayer warriors (3 states) are always asking how you are and want you to know you are being lifted in the tri city area, all utility companies! HA HA! We are shooting those prayers up! Praying the weening goes well..

    Love you!
    Aunt Stacy!