Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Bracket Club Series

This past weekend we took something that had been brewing between my cousin Ryan and Neil and I and we subjected it to our friends. Now I'm presenting it to the public...

See with all this down time as of late, we've gotten in the habit of choosing a topic and then discussing at length the "winners" and "losers" with in said topic (best Jay-Z song, best band front man, my career, etc). Soon we began organizing and seeding these things and before we knew it, we had full NCAA-esque brackets to determine an objective winner in subjective categories.

Not to seem like a small recluse group that does internet searches, and makes charts... we emailed our buddies, and before we knew it, a BRACKET CLUB SERIES was formed. We plan to meet almost monthly (or whatever) and kindly discuss (or fight about) any topic we feel like discussing. Really, its just a reason to gather and have fun!

First up was 90s Sitcoms... and even the term "sitcom" was up for debate (must it include a laugh track? can it be a cartoon? etc)

We collected everyone's top 10 votes plus honorable mentions, applied a point system to the votes, and used that point system to seed the bracket. We had the standard field of 64 (yes, there were 64 shows from the 90s that we used!) and we took on the hard work of whittling it down to just one (hey, someone had to do it).

Below, I've separated out each of the four regions, because I feel that's the easiest way to view things.
Also here's a link to the full bracket.

Since I know you're so very into this - I"m kidding (I'm not kidding) I'm going to add a level of suspense and not post the results just yet. Also, I need time to figure out which free online website will let me. Enjoy!


  1. In my heart, The Wonder Years will always win.

    1. its funny, someone that wanted it out argued that at least one Savage could still stay in the running (with Boy Meets World). You don't need to ask me twice which is the better Savage brother. {starts "fred" chant in head}

  2. Woah, brought back some memories (and made me smile)! I'm going with Saved by the Bell.

    Cousin Katie

  3. I love all things bracket.

    You've gotta have a couple of 5/12 upsets. So, King of the Hill beats Clarissa, though is that really an upset? Ellen beats hanging with Mr. Cooper.

    The Simpsons got screwed by the committee. They have a monster 2nd round match up with Everybody Loves Raymond (a 10-seed, really?). Then, they have Frasier, all before they ever get to the region finals.

    Possible Cinderellas: The Larry Sanders Show, Murphy Brown, Mad About You.

    My final four (you can't go with all 1-seeds): (1) Friends vs. (4) Married with Children. (2) The Simpsons vs. (1) Seinfeld. Too early to say who comes out of this.

    1. Tom, first of all, I love how you worked through the bracket. I have so much love for that!

      Also, I agree with a lot of your voting... we seeded based on the input from the group (which is why Major Dad was a 7 and Raymond was a 10) And we voted based on a majority (which left a lot of highly contested match-ups)

      Every time Married With Children came up in the late rounds it was divisive.. mostly because people either loved it or they weren't allowed to watch it (so they voted for the other guy). But I'm with you on that being a final four team.... same with Simpsons. (also some argued the Full House was very "90s" while Simpsons spanned many decades).

      I'll put up the next topic soon for your highly valued input!!!