Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Running for my Life

It more like walking for my life.

I've officially signed up for my first race since the surgery!

Its the Freaky 5K run/walk on October 27th (and all the shirts say "Run for Your Life" so I went with it in the post title)

So far I can walk 3 miles. This leaves me with a whole month to add one more tenth of a mile. I figured I can most likely make up the difference. I even checked with my Neurosurgeon at my last appointment and got the go-ahead to participate.

I have 12 other friends (maybe more) doing the race too and we're all dressing up!

I wanted a costume that allows me to carry a drink. Recently, I haven't needed to take as many sips of water on my walks, but I feel more comfortable knowing I would have something by my side. Last year for Halloween I was dressed as the Statue of Liberty and my torch was a flashlight taped to a bottle of, um, libations.

I swear that mixture is more iced tea than whiskey.
I have Jack Bauer there to keep me honest. 

This year I plan to recycle much of the costume and fill that bottle with flame colored gatorade so I can hydrate as I stroll through North Park as Lady Liberty.

If there's anything to look forward to - its combining my walking with seeing people I love - AND it feels oh so good to have a race on the calender again!


  1. You are amazing!!! (and that goes for your husband Jack too)

  2. That's awesome Em!! And geez, you are always so creative. I love it. Wish I could be at the race with you!!

  3. Isnt that where you get chased by zombies through an obstacle course?
    If it is im in, if it isnt id still like to come and see ta

  4. How amazing is this? Three months to recuperate, but you can run/walk a race in there, too.

    And nice of Neil to play a guy who hasn't slept in 24 hours, is a Federal agent!, and "that's the wrong call. We don't have any more time! Don't make me shoot you!"

  5. AA - its not the zombie race. Its a regular race in North Park (very hilly). It starts at 10 am (which us, and other not morning people - will make us feel like zombies) and after there's prizes for costumes, we're not sure if we'll stay for that. Neil is still undecided about running the 5K or the 10K. I would LOVE to see you!!!

    Tom - I think Neil just wanted a costume where he could use the Nintendo gun and say "secure the perimeter!" - who could blame him?