Saturday, September 1, 2012

Are you repeating yourself?

I think at this point the day post are getting a little bit repetitive.  I can say that again Emily had a good day, slightly better than yesterday.  We also had our first few visitors which was nice but left her tired.  Hopefully as she adjusts we can continue to see people (hopefully more regularly too).

Since not much as changed from the last post here are a few interesting things:

 - One of Em's favorite things is a cup of coffee.  And caffeine helps with spinal headaches so you would think that is an easy win.  For some reason though since the surgery she can't stomach a cup.  Hopefully that is only for the short term and she does not have to continue drinking Coca-Cola products for her morning caffeine

- There are other favorites that she has been unable to eat like eggs, spicy food, hummus and most DAIRY products.  If these were the only things that made up the food pyramid (dairy being the largest section) she would be a well oiled machine in the past.  Now, it would spell trouble.

- So the other thing is that at first she was unable to eat.  But she gets cravings.  Two of those cravings have been, a turkey bacon bravo sandwich from Panera and a steak salad.......before the surgery Em was a vegetarian.  Actually in the 4 years of our relationship I have never seen her eat a piece of red meat.  Kinda weird, right.


  1. You're awesome, Neil. That's all.

  2. I agree with Timoteo.

  3. Maybe the food thing is her body's way of telling her what she needs. Sounds like she is craving different kinds of protein. Interesting.