Thursday, September 13, 2012

what a difference a day makes

Its hard to believe how different I feel writing this today compared to yesterday. These flowers came as a perfect symbol that suddenly things are feeling much brighter (Rachel, how ever did you pull off such timing?)

After almost a week of not sleeping (I mean not catching even a wink), I was such a mess that I took it to this public blog. I figured reaching out to all of you was better than morphing into Tyler Durden.

Then last night we tried a few new things...
- I went bit farther than usual and we walked about a mile
- Just before bed, we broke out the giant foam roller that came with Neil's P90X-2 (picture a sturdy cylinder that you roll over to massage your muscles)
- I took my beloved heat pack to bed with me as well
- And of course, there were the Tylenol PMs

And then...I was able to fall asleep! (miracle!!) Even though it was a disruptive sleep, I caught a few hours here and there. This is such a vast improvement that I feel like a whole new human!! No more fear of Neil coming home to his wife ordering Ikea furniture and making soap.

A wonderful friend called today to encourage me, and he reminded me that when narcotics leave your system they can also leave you sleepless. This makes quite a bit of sense to me. I have always been hyper-sensitive to medications. After a string of IV morphine, then percocet, then oxy - its no great leap  to think that when they were eventually gone, I'd lay awake, buzzing and restless.

Here's to hoping that last night was no fluke, and that now I have a foothold. I will walk more today and stretch more today and thank our God above repeatedly that I got some sleep. I'm also thanking you - you beautiful bunch of readers - because the very same night I put this out there and the problem resolved! amen and amen!

p.s. to top it all off, I had the most adorable (already crawling!) lunch date today!  

 darling Nora


  1. When I have trouble falling asleep I turn out the lights in the family room about a half an hour before bed to get my body and head thinking hey were going to sleep soon.
    Oh and of course I take my nightly dose of Tylenol pm!!
    Hope you have a food evening. Cindy p ( in case there's another Cindy )

  2. This is fantastic news! The "God moves in mysterious ways" argument is one thing, but it's always nice when He moves in completely non-mysterious and hoped for ways. :)

  3. This is the second timely answer to prayer this week, for me. Yeah! We need to expect answers to our prayers when we pray (didn't James teach us that)and not be surprised when God choses to answer our prayers quickly (even though we all know sometimes it does takes time).

    Thank you for keeping us posted.It keeps us informed and then we are not bugging you and Neil to see how you are doing.

    Praying for you continually! Aunt Sue.

  4. The power of sleep is a beautiful thing! Here's hoping that this continues to improve for you, Emily!

    Hugs, Gabby

  5. So happy you got a few hours sleep. Praying that it will increase. Thanks for all the updates, it helps us know how to pray. Blessings, sweet girl. Aunt Cathy

  6. I'm so glad to hear of your restful night Em!! Thank you so much for your updates. I find myself crying and laughing in each post. And by the way, your incision looks beautiful!!!