Friday, September 28, 2012

HAPPY WEEKEND! hope you go surfing

I feel reluctant to admit that my days start to blur together. I find myself thinking with true surprise "Oh! its Friday!" Then the that thought is immediately followed by, "well lets be honest, Saturday and Sunday, not that exciting. They'll look just like that slurred together mon-tueswethrurfriday, except with more football."

Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. I'm just saying, I have a pattern. So for those of you who are working oh so hard and earning your friday afternoon relief - here are some fun links I found across the world wide web.

Here's to hoping you have a fun filled weekend with absolutely only a little time to waste surfing around!!

I have been thrilled by the fact that I enjoy coffee again and Jerry Seinfeld's web series "Comedians in Cars getting Coffee" has been the most delightful entertainment to accompany a cup of joe. Each episode is about 12 minutes long and dialogue is so easy that you honestly feel like you're sharing a booth with these guys. When hanging out with Neil in the evening, I find myself wanting to say "oh yeah, my friend was just talking about that" when I really mean- "I watched Mel Brooks and Jerry Seinfeld discuss that during a phase of my life when I was alone all day and I had no sense of distance, normalcy, or proper human interaction. In fairness they DO seem friendly."

Here's a list of the 500 worst passwords. ha, people are stupid.
oh. wait.... yep, the password I used for all four years of college is in column two.

Neil and I still have our weekly football bets, but instead of the loser having to do a heavy duty household chore (scrubbing baseboards is a rude task to hand your post-operative wife), we decided to reward the winner with getting a CD of their choice! For one of my wins I went back a few years to Iron & Wine's The Shepard's Dog... wow. just wow.

I have professed my love for the site Letters of Note before but I bring it up again because I think I discovered my favorite note. The 'hotter than a pepper sprout', Johnny Cash, wrote a To Do list that makes me feel a warm and fuzzy sort of way.
Its also nice that at this point in my recovery I can accomplish #1, #5, and #6 and sometimes #7

Even though I don't have a child, I have a sense of humor - so this stay at home father's tumblr, Message With a Bottle, is hilarious!

I think the "recently operated" might be the target audience for Network TV's Fall Premiers. I'm truly undiscerning about what new shows I ingest. (by "undiscerning" I mean I watch them all.)
Elementary? why not!
Go On? I have a half hour!
Unfortunately, I have zero advice to give you on which of these shows are good and which are horrible. My television taste buds were numb after I dove into episode 2 of "Guys with Kids"

I have to give Caty Young a big thank you for last weekend. Not only did she share with me so much love and fun and early 90s flash backs- she gave me this diamond of knowledge about the Baby Sitters Club. As I set my sites for my future, now I know I just want to end up better than Claudia.

We are transitioning into some hearty, wholesome fall foods in our CSA and its exciting to dream up recipes. (Then hand them off to my husband to execute, serve, and clean-up!) This weekend its this rustic cabbage soup, with some carrots and corn tossed in for good measure.

And I'll end with something as close to self promotion as I can get... after hours of Neil and I (and some friends) sitting around talking about music, Neil started a blog discussing music. He (and some friends) post with either ideas or actual albums they like. This brand new site is to be a forum where you can gain exposure to good music you may never listen to otherwise - then talk about it.

Happy Weekend! I'll work hard on recovery (and less on time wasting) and report back on Monday!

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