Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fall and Football

Happy Steeler Sunday Friends!!!!

Neil and I usually celebrate the regular season kick off with pumpkin ale and french onion soup - watching all the games at Silky's (its quiet and empty on a sunday and there are so many TVs).

But this season is different. Not to worry, we still bet with each other on every game. However, its still different.

Since we are homebound but just as football focused, Neil splurged for NFL Red Zone as a gift for me (well, for us really)!!! Last night we started scheming and worked a way to bring the guest room TV in to the living room to maximize our Sunday Fun.

This early afternoon we're eating the delicious squash soup Neil made and sipping - water (its good for the brain)- and wearing steeler gear.

Its easy to forget how achy and tired I am on a crisp, fall, football day like today. 

We feel blessed because 'different' doesn't necessarily mean bad at all. Its quite perfect. 

I hope you have some great Sunday Fun too!


  1. I am glad you both found a way to enjoy your Sunday football.

    FYI, your updates are a bright spot in my day.

    Hugs, Gabby

  2. Gabby, I greatly look forward to your comments -they are always a bright spot for me too!

    And luckily (i think) I didn't last through the Steeler game - too much stimulus and too late of a game - I think it was for the best as I went to bed when we were still winners.