Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sutures Gone! (warning a visual)

Multiple people have asked how the sutures looked and since my neurosurgeon, David Okonkwo, was a rock star - they looked really good. And I figured, why not share.

They're all lined up and neat with no blood and I believe even those with a weak stomach would be fine seeing them (granted I have a skewed view of things, coming from a nursing background).

So this is your warning if you don't like pictures...

turn back now...

(I'm not good at blogger so I don't know how to imbed an image I just know how to make you scroll down for it.)

Honestly its not gruesome it looks really good...

day 3, discharge from hospital

week one - wound is healing!

just over week two - sutures out!
(no more itchy feelings!)

as a side note, my hair grows so so fast!


  1. As a person who watched the YouTube video of this surgery, plus a few others, I am thrilled that you posted the photos! I am even more thrilled about your progress (and the fact that they didn't shave your whole head!)! I noticed right away how fast your hair has grown. Gotta love those Italian genes. You do know that partial head shaving is all the rage among celebs. Your more subtle and discreet shave was oh so classy of you. ; )

    I saw Beth last night and she was gushing about you two - about your perseverance and about Neil's immense love for Emily! I think that your cheering section has surpassed Steeler Nation at this point. I want to see you on Dancing With the Stars next season. I hear that Neil has some sick moves that he wants to share.

    Thanks again for the blog. Once again you have seriously elevated my outlook on the day and life in general.

    I love you both!



  2. They look great! And the pics didn't even make me queasy : )

  3. The human body is amazing!

  4. Looks amazing. Do you know they call us zipperheads? Pretty badass.