Monday, October 1, 2012

The Lovely Month

Despite all pain and difficulty woven through September, it had tastes of sweetness and sighs of beauty better than I've known in my whole life. They had nothing to do with recovery, and everything to do with humanity...

I got to experience 
romantic dinners

 Perfect afternoons of gifts:
bright daisies, a satchel of dark chocolates, and a book I just can't put down

Speaking of books, I've been lent so many good ones. 
On the left are the ones I've read, on the right are the ones I itch to dive into.
(so if you lent me a book, it might not come back to you right away, but it will be adored)

Mornings on the porch made more wonderful with the new pillows.
Thank you Gabby and Doug!!

Our weekly routine: taking a walk to pick up our CSA.

look at the bounty!

Crock pot chili for sunday football

and Neil read an entire book to me (Picture of Dorian Gray),
Its been about 20 years since I've had the treat of a bedtime story.

Long, leisurely walks.
 And in the city, we have the joy of stopping to smell the "flowers"

More perfect afternoons of gifts:
sun kissed flowers, a mug to help me "make do and mend", a cozy blanket, and a great novel.

The rustic cabbage soup that I said Neil would make (and boy did he ever!)

Of everything I enjoyed, it was the notes and visits that I loved most.
This month, I got to feel the reassuring weight of a newborn in my arms.
I got to have the comfort of a toddler, cuddle into me while they play, because they like me and not because of how might feel.
I got to connect with friends and family - in person, on the phone, even with cards - where I would catch myself laughing, forgetting for a moment that I hurt.

And I got to go to bed each of the thirty nights saying I am blessed.
it was a lovely month.


  1. You are amazing....we are blessed to know you and Neil.

  2. glad u found moments of peace and we all luv ya

  3. I swear I love your blog the most. The pictures make me sigh, they're all so peaceful. It's almost like I can sense it :)

    The chili looked great! Is that book The Road good? I'm looking for a new book!

  4. This post has left me feeling warm and fuzzy and has made me realize how often I personaly take these wonderful things for granted.

    Thanks for sharing, Emily and for making me pause and reflect.

    Hugs, Gabby

  5. Coy - I loved The Road because it was written well but it was haunting and a bit disturbing. Its about a Father and Son in a post apocalyptic society, trying to survive. (I have chills right now thinking about the cannibalism parts.) I also recently read "Night Circus" and if you ever liked Harry Potter, I think you would love this book. its enchanting without being over the top fantasy. It is so so good!

  6. With the beautiful pictures yu posted perhaps a new career in photography is in your very bright and hopeful future !! Cindy p

  7. You're reading White Teeth! I sped through that last Spring for a book club. There were some slow parts where I WAS able to put it down. But I'd like to go through parts against at a more leisurely pace.

    Last night, Jean and I decided that you and Neil are living our best life now.