Tuesday, October 2, 2012

to sleep, perchance, to hibernate

Last night I slept. 

My sleep was disrupted here and there (as always) but there was a new developement... the on and off lasted oh so long!

I got up today at 11:40. That's almost lunch people!

And I only got up because I got a long phone call - by no means did I want to emerge from my cocoon of blankets.

I believe something dangerous has happened to me... just like a child raised by vegans that goes to his first slumber party and says "what is buffalo chicken dip?"... after four years and four months of a fight with the night, I have found slumber.

There's no turning back. I just want more.

I will see you again at the first thaw of spring.


  1. That. Is awesome. It's like you're finally out of the having-a-newborn phase. Can you talk to Julia about how great sleep is, please? Little girl has decided she is not interested in napping these days. :)

  2. If you sleep through the winter and don't come visit us, I'm going to have to drive out there and wake you up. It will involve pots & pans, fireworks and/or a bowl of warm water. Be warned.

    On a serious note, I'm immeasurably glad to hear that sleep is FINALLY returning to you!

    On a super serious note - everything in this reply was serious. Seriously.

  3. Reading this makes me sleepy! ;)
    hugs, Gabby