Monday, October 29, 2012

I am one with the Frankenstorm

From all I've heard about the storm, the worst we'll get in our little corner of the world is buckets o' rain, gusts of wind, and loss of electricity. I hope best and safest and most okay things for everyone on the east coast where things are predicted to be much worse.

Neil and I are completely okay though. We're more than okay during the storm, we're great.

We are naturally well suited for being shut-in and 100% equipped for a power outage at any given time.

The following statements are completely true with zero exaggeration...

**FOOD: we have regular conversations about the feasibility of a diet based entirely on Cliff bars. We love them so much that we have more than one dozen stock piled on our shelves at all times. Factor in our natural inclination towards applesauce, peanut butter, cereal and pretzels and we're completely fine (no trip to the store needed)

**LIGHTS: we own exactly 160 votive candles left over from our wedding reception. (I found a great deal on ebay). That's a lot of back up lighting.

**ACCESSIBILITY: we are in walking distance to many restaurants, several grocery stores, multiple drug stores, and a lots of pizza joints. In addition, I have a cell phone that was made in the early 2000s and can hold a charge for about 8 days (again, these statements are not exaggerations).

**ENTERTAINMENT: last year the two of us set up a decathlon of games during the dark days of winter. If we lose electric we'll be more than ready to repeat everything from gin rummy to mancala... and this time it will get real real. The stakes are raised, the gauntlet is thrown, and Neil better watch out cause I've only gotten better at connect four!

Not to mention this past weekend I channeled the very Frankenstorm him self...

See, I got this.
And please pass me another Cliff bar.


  1. Sounds like you have enough candles for the entire neighborhood! Everyone will be sitting in their dark house wondering how your house is all lit up! HA!

    1. haha, we will be the Grizwold's of a power outage!