Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Abby Normal

Next weekend is the Halloween 5K run/walk that we signed up for and time is ticking for our costumes. (I talked about it here)

In prior years Neil was Dexter and Jack Baur - so he's keeping a general theme of TV awesomeness and this year I think he will be Walter White!

It's no secret we like Breaking Bad - for our 2nd anniversary (the cotton anniversary), I cross stitched onto some cotton fabric the likeness of Heisenberg himself...

(and they said I wasn't domestic!)

For the Freaky 5K, Neil envisions a bald cap, a nice button down, khakis, glasses, etc...

But my cousin Ryan suggested that he run in, um, well... the Walter of early Season 1

Which is way more aerodynamic, I'll give him that.

Either way I need to get on this recipe for homemade blue rock candy - because the fake crystal meth won't make itself, friends.

I've already settled on re-using my Statue of Liberty costume, but I want something new and fun for passing out candy. Our neighborhood gets SO many trick-or-treaters and I love it!!!

I was thinking maybe Frankenstein. (too soon?) With an awesome head scar and years of brain lapses, I'm shocked Neil hasn't taken to calling me "Abby... Abby Someone"

Have you picked your costume yet? I'd love to know what you're going to be! Its such a fun time of year!!


  1. Alas, flying out of town on Halloween. Was going to go as Bin Laden, bloody eye and all, but I don't think the TSA folks would be amused. Maybe John Locke from Lost. You know, with the air travel. Do you know where I can get a wheelchair cheap?

    1. hahaha!!! Tom you should totally dress like Locke but be subtle about it. Sit next to someone and introduce yourself as John and say things along the way like "i'm going on a walk about, i'm really excited." and "wanna play backgammon" and "I had this dream last night, I was on a JJ Abrams show." and end with "you're not afraid of flying are you?... hmm, interesting."

    2. oh and your Bin Laden idea is amazing as well... I can't see that one going badly. I hear the TSA has a great sense of humor