Thursday, October 4, 2012


Politically speaking, I like BOTH Steven Colbert and John Stewart so don't say I'm not open minded...

The only thing I'm against is all the face book opinion onslaughts.

This guy's picking up what I'm putting down...

So in a complete disregard for any logic in that last sentence, I'm going to post some political things.

a reasonable article to all the christians.

a non-partisan website with all the candidates which takes you through questions and helps you determine your best match. for an unbiased review of what candidates say.

and only five days left to make sure your voter ID matches your photo ID and get registered!!

(now we can return to our regularly scheduled programing.)

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  1. How did you ever find the video of that little boy??? He's hysterical. I really enjoy your style of writing. You should consider writing a book someday.