Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Automated Services

I had three tricky orders of business to take care of today and they all required talking to an actual human on the phone...

This means they all required many minutes of going through many menu prompts and me over enunciating "I would like more options." as the emotionless female recording responds "I'm sorry, could you repeat that again."

After a long while, I did find people to interact with and they were helpful. At times I heard discouraging statements like "We don't have a primary insurance listed for you." and "Your nursing license expired in 2010! Thats why your RENEWAL form is void - you need a RE-INSTATEMENT form, this is a whole different situation." However, in the end it all worked out.

So with all those webs untangled, I feel good about today. I wouldn't exactly call it productive (considering all the time I spend on hold with "classical" music), but I'd call it a decent day!

I hope yours was spent far from the land of automated services!

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