Tuesday, October 16, 2012

so many trailers! (but its all about Les Mis)

Last week I was sick on top of all this and it was a mess. Through the weekend I felt much better and now I think I'm back to just recovery. (I never thought I'd be so happy to just feel achy and blah!)

I'm back to being able to walk during the day now that I can lift my head again and I can even focus enough to check a few things off the list of ever growing things that have to get done!

But last week I had the luxury of doing one of my favorite things - laying down and watching movie trailers. I love it more than watching the actual movie most of the time (low commitment, high reward, great song in the background). Here are some that stood out....


This trailer intrigued me. This articled fascinated me. And come on, I just love Aaron Paul!

The Silver Linings Playbook

Going off a theme of "one's better self" from the last trailer - this movie seems to hit the note perfectly. Plus I'm really happy to see Bradley Cooper doing something with depth! Didn't know he had it in him.

Stand Up Guys

When I read the info, I thought this movie was going to be a combination of 25th Hour and Wild Hogs, but after watching the trailer, I think it works. I'm actually really into it.

This is 40

Ok, ok, the movie might have recycled Apatow jokes and the same cast he always uses - but I happen to like that cast (Mann! Rudd!) and my last two favorite romantic comedies were Apatow productions (Bridesmaids and 5 Year Engagment) so I'm on board.

The Love of Beer

This documentary is interesting to me - mostly because my fascination in Neil's home brewing has increased greatly over the last year or so. Maybe someday I'll find myself standing by a giant cask, or taking a deep inhale from a pile of hops.

Les Miserables - Extended First Look

This is one of my favorite books and its my favorite musical - FINALLY I think they've made a movie to do it justice.

Is there anything you love to settle in and do on a sick day? Are there any movies you can't wait to see? Any trailers that grabbed your attention lately?


  1. I can't tell if Life of Pi is going to be amazing or The Last Airbender.

    I love me some James Bond. Always have. Love the misogyny, the toys, the cat-stroking villains bragging about their plans, and, of course, the theme song. I'm in.

    Django (the "d" is silent) also looks up my alley.

    And I'm not gonna lie. Stupid title, but Is This the Face of a Thief looks funny.

    Good luck with all that there runnin'.

  2. All of my musical theatre folks seem to turn their nose up at that version of Les Mis, but I'm open to it... Looks cool especially how they did the singing live. I mean, it's a movie, it CAN'T be like a stage musical. I think it's more important to have the feeling and emotion and the acting than a Broadway quality voice. It's the same way that I like Burton's Sweeney Todd.