Friday, October 12, 2012

a good (looking) cause

I don't know if you've ever met my neighbor - the unique and fabulous Michael - if not I hope you do someday.

He works as a hairdresser at Glam Salon in Shadyside and very recently he has combined his profession with his very huge heart!

From now until October 27th you can call Glam Salon (412 681 0690) and schedule a hair cut. When you do, all $35 of your cut will go to the Bethleham Haven Women's Shelter! (just be sure to mention the shelter when you schedule)

If you you want to help but aren't in the mood for a new look, they are also accepting women's deodorant and women's socks. Then the hairdressers will take all donations and money to the shelter late this month when they go and make dinner for the women that stay there.

So here's the deal, I know two things: (1) it feels great to see success in a project that Michel takes on, especially for such a worthy cause and (2) it feels great to get a new hair style!.... so if figured why not pass this along.

MY hair? you're wondering about my hair?

so kind of you to ask! thank you!

its a mess.

The shaved surgical patch is growing in so fast. Its fairly healthy looking and full, unfortunately, my scant and scraggly long hair barely covers it. I've taken to calling the back of my head 'nature's bumpit'. If you've never moved a bouffant pouf to the back of your head - long thin hair on the sides, nothin' on top - let me just save you the trouble - its not pretty!

Lately I've been teasing up other parts of my hair to compensate (mostly by laying around and not combing it - don't judge). My other option is to pull my hair up in a pony tail, unfortunately, this exposes the fast growing patch again - and if you thought the bumpit was bad, oh man, the "hidden rat tail" is way worse. If I let this go much longer, it'll have to be renamed the "under mullet" and I tried to look for a google image of that - it's not a style. Under Mullet doesn't exist in even in the mullet-est of places.

So know I need to get a cut to fix things and I don't know what that cut will be. A friend suggested the "Carrie Mulligan." I google imaged her and I find her to be freaking adorable.

I'll do what we all do- take a red carpet picture of a gorgeous actress to a salon
tell them "make me look like this"
and expect the blond that had 5 hours of prep to appear magically, 
in place the brunette that hasn't showered in days.
(that being said - what you you think of the long layered pixie cut? could I totally be her?!?)

eh, whatever my hair troubles, I know Michael will fix it! At the very least he's fantastic at compliments, small talk, and pampering - I could us an afternoon of that too!

As a side note, I do have gratitude that my problems in this post deal with rogue hair and not where I will sleep tonight... the work done Bethlehem is truly wonderful.


  1. You could totally rock that cut.

  2. You look great regardless but it is a super cute haircut!!

    Hugs, Gabby

  3. The shorter the easier. It's that awkward phase of growing out, only she's doing it on purpose which kind of pisses me off. I say go for a true pixie, chop it all & keep the front a bit longer.

    1. I worry a little about the full chop because what I have shaved is just a mess. But I'm on board with being pissed off at Carrie - she's just too damn cute and that's not okay.

  4. I got all my hair chopped off last week using a photo Carrie as my guide! It looks great! First time I've ever had short hair.

    1. Oh I'd love to see a picture on your blog!!! I hope its not too hard to train like a superstar with short hair! Isn't it so weird the first few times you shower and you have way too much shampoo your hands clean the phantom hair and it feels so so short? I'm sure it looks fantastic!

  5. Emma you could so do that hairstyle!! Love it! Bethlemhem Haven is a great place for women. An organization I am affliated with collect for Bethelem as well all year long. Great organization! Your friend Michael is wonderful and will pass this on.. Have a wonderful day!
    Love you,

  6. Duh! Do the Carey! And don't do it without me.

  7. Duh! Do the Carey! And don't do it without me.