Monday, October 8, 2012

on fire for columbus day

This weekend was wonderful.

I had visitors and lots of my favorite cool weather things - tomato bisque, warm bread, sweet treats with hot tea, and roasted squash (thank you Doug and Gabby for all of that!).

I took walks bundled up with scarves and fall sweaters- which always feels new after a year on my shelves.

I even got to attend church again for the first time! I was so blessed to see so many people I love in one place (and so honored to have the chance to share as well)!

All of my weekend quest was grand and ambitious and truly terrific...

Then today landed on me and I felt terrible. I had sharp headaches and my body felt so sore. I wrote it all off a just paying the fun tax. I'm used to pain in exchange for a good day or two.

Around 5pm I complained said to Neil - "I just feel extra achy. Its miserable" and he said "on the off chance, do you want to take your temperature?"

boom. fever.

And in honor of today's holiday, I'll say that if this weekend was dreams of floating towards Spain, today I ended up firmly planted on Plymouth Rock.

At least I have one more thing to look forward to when I heal... the day when I know I'm sick because I can actually FEEL sick. The day I don't have to deduce feeling terrible by sifting through other symptoms of feeling blah.  When that day comes, I'll be the happiest "healthy" sick girl around, grinning stupidly and winking at the cashier when I buy nyQuil and vicks. I seriously can't wait.


  1. Oh no, I hope you bounce back quickly. Rest and liquids.

    PS - we were so happy to spend some time with you!!! Alladin is a must when you are up for it!

    Hugs, Gabby

  2. It was really good to see you and hear your thoughts on Sunday. You really touched me in my soul where I needed it. Thank you. :)


  3. Thank you both so much! I was able to rest a bunch because of all the great food you dropped off Gabby! and Tricia your blog post was equally moving! thanks for sharing!