Friday, August 31, 2012

The last of August

Today is the last day in the month that Emily and I were so concerned about, knowing what we had to go through (are are continuing to go through).  Reflecting back to those early pre-surgery days I remember most distinctly how worried I was.  Worried for what she was going through.  Worried about the possible outcomes.  Worried about if this was the answer.  Worried about everything really.  Being on this side of it all I need to remember that most of those worries are gone and no matter what type of day Emily has I should be happy because at the end of the day I still have her here with me. 

I want to take a second to say that there is another couple in our lives that is undergoing a brain operation this week.  Mike, I remember how concerned I was for my wife and, even though there is nothing in the world that can bring you comfort until you see her OK afterwards I hope that you can enjoy the next few days with your wife and be as at peace as possible.  Ally, I know that this is difficult for you but you will make it through this and the bond that you and Mike have will be stronger than ever from this.  We will continue to think of and pray for our friends who are entering the beginning of their month that they have been dreading.

Emily had a good day today.  Again, it is just a marginal increase from the day before.  She slept again.  She ate more.  And she was a little more social thanks to our first visitor since we have been home.  Donna, Em's mom, brought us lunch and sat with  her to watch reality tv and read trashy mags.  In a way it was exactly what they both needed.  Thanks D!

After that Emily was pretty exhausted and has been resting since.  Just a small visit can take it out of her but that is OK.  Soon enough she will be able to she all the people she loves without feeling like she needs to lie down after.

Thanks again to everyone for the continued support and prayers!!


  1. Finally figured out how to leave a comment!! Love to you both! A visit from mom and trashy magazines are always a good idea.!!!. Cindy P

  2. Praying for Mike and Ally, too.

    Yeah for more good days.

  3. So happy to hear that Emily continues to makes a bit of progress every day! Gabby

  4. How wonderful, a little food, Momma and trashy mags.. Love it all and you both! Continued prayers for you both, Ally and Mike..

    Love and prayers for complete healing,
    Stacy :) XOXOXO