Saturday, August 25, 2012

Going Home?

So as you can tell from our last blog post things are going remarkably.  Em and I spent some time together until the day caught up to her (in a good way) and she laid her head down to rest.  Around 1am I drifted to sleep.  Thirty minutes later we awoke realizing that her next round of meds never came.  This time, instead of hitting the nurse call button, she got out of bed and we took a late night stroll to the nurse station.  Once the meds were administered we both went back to sleep.

This morning (after the rounds of meds came on time) we had a very great discussion....regarding what to do about heading home.  The doctors have been hinting at the fact that since she is up and moving and that all of her meds are being taken orally she could go home.  It really all depends on her comfort level.  We are juggling a few things with this decision.

First, how good should she feel.  We are not underestimating the fact that there is still a lot of recovery needed and that she will be in some pain throughout all of it but at what point can we say this is enough to leave the hospital.  The last thing we want to do leave and feel we have to come back because she is too uncomfortable.

Secondly, we are unsure as to what needs to be done in regards to her dressing.  They have not removed it since the operation and I am not sure if it is going to stay until we come back to get her staples removed.

Also, there is also questions on physical limitations, ways to reduce infection risk, the timeline for medication weening, etc....

Ultimately, this is a GREAT problem to have.  She is feeling good and heading home.  The question is when.  In my mind I thought it would be Sunday morning at the earliest, most likely Monday....and now were are playing with the idea of watching the Steeler pre-season game together in our house. What I lucky guy I am!!!

P.S. Speaking of wonderful problems to have, how are we going to carry all of the flowers and food given to us as support? And also, where are we going to put those things in our apartment which has been generously cleaned for us?  We are truly blessed by having all of you!!


  1. So glad to hear that em is doing great!

    All our love
    The smarts

  2. I've been crying with each positive update on the blog - I'm soooo thrilled things are going this well for you two. Prayers and pleasant thoughts coming your way.

  3. I am so thrilled that you two are finally "turning the corner". Your reports are so uplifting. I look forward to each one. I watched the video and it was fascinating! I wish that it had been narrated, since I had no idea what was being done. I can't believe that you watched it before your surgery and weren't traumatized Emily.

    You two have so much to look forward to and I can tell that you are so grateful for even the smallest blessings in your lives. Thanks for sharing your journey with all of us. I love you! XO

  4. Read the blog update and thought of this:

    Glad you are doing well!