Thursday, August 23, 2012

Noon, Day Two

Em has just finished her first big meal, 1 1/2 saltine crackers and 5oz of water.  Despite the long night she is finally at a place where the pain is managible due to the right timing and medicine combinations (there were a few adjustments needed).  Her nausea is a little better too, but the doctors feel that it is best for her to spent the rest of the day laying.  She is able to sit up some which causes a increase in pain.  It seems like she will be way more comfortable today and the day will look a lot like yesterday: Lots of quiet and rest.

I was able to read all of the blog comments and text messages to her today.  She responded with little 'awes' of joy has she felt overwhelmed by the love and prayers.

P.S. We were also blessed with the birth of a beautiful baby girl Lascola.  Congratulations Katie and Tony!!


  1. Neil and Emily,

    Thinking of you both and want you to know that I am here for you both! You guys are a beautiful example of what marriage and unconditional love look like and I wish you many years ahead full of laughter and GOOD health! When you DO need something, please don't hesitate to ask! xxoo

    -Natalie Bencivenga

  2. Emily,

    You and Neil are such an inspiration and the defiition of true love and commitment. You are such a strong. beautiful, unselfish woman and I only wish you the very best. I know you will heal and be able to continue to inspire others.

    I will be praying for you both
    Love Cousin Loni

  3. Thanks for the updates Neil. You are killing this whole husband gig. Love to Emily.